Why Should You Choose Animation as a Career Option?

Animation is a popular career choice, not just a hobby. There are many advantages to choosing this path including the possibility of creativity and storytelling being your life’s work. In recent times, animation has become one of the most sought-after career options.

The Reasons to Choose Animation are the Following:

You love the art and you love the process

Animation is not a passive career. It requires hard work, energy and passion to complete the work required to become successful in this profession. This means that you need to be motivated to keep up with the fast-paced changes in technology. And you must be willing to learn new skills as they arise.

Animation also presents challenges as an industry which must be overcome on a daily basis that range from having a strong work ethic to developing technical savvy and understanding, as well as training an eye for design principles in order to create appealing, balanced works of art.

You have a creative mindset

 Like art, animation is driven by the desire to express yourself through one unique thing. This can not be more obvious than in the case of animation where you spend entire days working on something only to be taken away from it at a moment’s notice. Being a professional artist requires that you create things that are truly unique and engaging, which is a very different type of challenge to being an amateur artist or hobbyist who loves the process for its own sake and the challenge it presents but does so for anyone who will look and listen.

This type of artist is driven by maintaining an aesthetic vision because they are interested in how their work looks, sounds and feels when they create it. They will work at it tirelessly until it is truly the way they envisioned, which also in turn helps them to improve as an artist overall.

You’re motivated by entertainment and driven to express yourself

The ultimate goal of animation is not to just create something awesome, but rather have your vision become other people’s reality. This means that you must have a creative mindset and the ability to offer them something they can experience and enjoy that they would not normally see or experience on their own. They must be entertained in a way that creates an emotional response, which then acts as feedback for how you must change or improve your work to better please your intended audience. Learn: what is the current scenario of the animation industry

This is relevant because as an animator, you have the opportunity to create – to take a story and make it come to life. You can create characters, tell their stories and move them in ways that seem real and relatable in the process. You don’t just have an opportunity to do this, but a responsibility, because once you have their attention, you must them entertained for as long as possible – usually for more than a few minutes at a time.

If you love working with technology

Animation is all about movement, which means that having knowledge of some form of technology is not only useful in your work but nearly required. These tools include working with programs like Adobe Flash, Pixar Coda and Adobe After Effects as well as applications like Maya, 3DS Max and Photoshop to name a few.

Certain software programs are required in the industry, while others are considered the industry standard. Of course you can not just learn these programs overnight, but it is important to note that your education will help set you apart from other job candidates. Also Read: Why UX is important for SaaS?

You’re a team player

The way that animation works is that it is actually a team effort done by people who work together on ideas and building upon one another’s talents as they progress through production. This means that you must be able to work well with others and bring your own contributions to the table that improve the work of others and keep things moving along smoothly. This also means that you must know when and how to speak your mind without compromising the integrity of your work or the work of others.

You’re technically minded

Animation requires specific software programs in order to function and run smoothly, causing it to be a technically demanding career choice. Not only do you have to perform this task, but you must also learn how these programs function as individual entities in order for them to run together smoothly when required as well as learn how computers function in general so that you can understand what happens when glitches occur.

How to Get into the Industry as an Animator?

If you are an animation aspirant you would be thinking about how to get into this lucrative sector. The best way to do is with the assistance of animation courses.  Red Apple Learning is one such institute who are providing animation courses in Kolkata. Their courses are designed in such a way that your skills will be cultivated and after completion of the course, you will be placed in a professional environment.