Wordle Alternatives

With Wordle having recently been acquired by the New York Times and locked behind a paywall, fans are seeking alternatives – thankfully there are many.

One option is Qourdle, similar to Wordle but offering four words at once and only giving you three chances to guess correctly; plus, it’s twice as challenging!

1. Heardle

Heardle is a game designed to test music knowledge. Players take turns listening to a song’s opening seconds and guessing its title; correct guesses unlock second-by-second increments until reaching 16 seconds as your full guess length.

Heardle quickly gained popularity, and Spotify purchased it last July. Since then, Heardle has been integrated into their app rather than running as an independent service.

2. Dordle

Many Wordle fans have fallen deeply in love with this game, yet even those most dedicated may long for more. If you’re ready to broaden your horizons and try something different, why not give one of these spinoffs a go?

Dordle offers an extra intellectual challenge: six tries to identify two five-letter words within an identical grid of hexagons – just like Heardle but without its emphasis on letters versus numbers!

3. Octordle

Wordle’s popularity has resulted in many spinoff games designed to test player knowledge and challenge themselves, including Octordle – giving six chances for guessing five-letter words with feedback feedback given after every guess so players can narrow down possibilities more effectively.

If you’re ready for something a bit tougher, give this droid-themed Wordle clone a go. While Heardle may be easier, this Wordle-esque game provides another challenge and lets you put your droid skills to the test!

4. Words With Friends

Wordle fans were understandably concerned by The New York Times’ purchase of it; however, other options exist to satisfy your craving for words. Heardle, for instance, is Wordle’s musical counterpart where listeners attempt to guess songs lyrics as quickly as possible by using Heardle as their soundtrack and Heardle is its musical spin-off where players listen to songs with the intention of finding as many matching words as quickly as possible using Heardle.

Quordle offers more of a challenge by having you guess four words simultaneously and giving three extra chances per round, while for something truly niche SWordle only allows planets, droids and Jedi words!

5. Framed

Since 2021’s Wordle’s unprecedented popularity, numerous imitators have appeared that offer similar word-based puzzles with unique variations.

Framed is one of the newest titles available and allows movie lovers to exercise their frame-by-frame muscles, according to GamesRadar+. Players are given a still from a film and six guesses at its title – any incorrect guess results in another frame being displayed.

Dordle isn’t for the faint of heart: this word game presents more difficult puzzles that don’t let off easy, according to CNET.

6. Adverswordle

Adverswordle allows you to be the one responsible for coming up with five-letter words instead of having to stump an AI quizmaster, unlike its more authentic competitor Wordle. Plus, its convenience means it can be played whenever the mood strikes!

Lewdle offers an adult take on the Wordle genre by challenging players to guess vulgar words using its hint system and six attempts before receiving new puzzles.

7. Waffle

Waffle, a crossword-style game designed to challenge word puzzle enthusiasts, offers word-jumbling fans something special: 24/7 playability unlike Wordle which only can be played once daily.

Every time you solve, the more stars you earn. For an additional themed spin, try SWordle which uses only Star Wars related words as its database.

8. Hello Wordl

Wordle has taken over the internet! This free online game enables players to try their luck and guess a five-letter word daily with six chances, much like crossword puzzles or Wheel of Fortune.

With each try, color highlights provide instantaneous feedback on your decisions – green indicates correct placement while yellow signifies incorrect location while gray denotes absence from a word entirely.

9. Squabble

Wordle fans looking for an immersive, competitive experience should try Squabble. It pits players against each other in a battle royale style gameplay where incorrect guesses or being too slow can cost your life.

CNET calls this an “upgradation” of Wordle, yet it remains much more challenging. Each day brings with it a puzzle which must be completed within 15 letter swaps or less and there are hints available should any help be needed.