You should know The Disadvantages

Solar energy in Pakistan pros and cons are a hot topic today. As the earth’s most plentiful source of energy, the sun holds enormous promise as a clean and dependable way to power our world.

When the radiant energy of the sun is converted to heat and electricity, it can provide energy to residences and businesses, and even power vehicles.

Now might be a good time to learn about solar energy advantages and explore adding a solar energy system to your home. Then you can decide: Is solar energy worth it?

1. Great cost 

This is a common reason for refusing to purchase solar panels, as they require a large initial investment and people cannot afford it. But in many developing countries, the government helps its citizens to purchase and install solar power plants, giving them loans and helping them complete all the necessary paperwork for this. In this area, Russia is very far behind, and therefore it is a problem for a large percentage of the population. 

2. Environmental pollution 

As mentioned earlier, solar energy is the most environmentally friendly energy we see. But for its extraction, it is necessary to produce solar panels, during the production of which greenhouse gases and chemical compounds are emitted into the atmosphere, which are dangerous for the environment and humans. 

3. Low power per square meter 

One of the most important parameters of electricity is the average power density per square meter (m2), which is measured in W/m2, and the amount of energy that can be obtained per unit area. For solar energy, this figure is on average 170 W / m2, this value is higher than that of all renewable energy sources used, but in comparison with traditional energy sources (oil, coal, gas, nuclear energy) this figure is much lower. Which leads to an increase in the area of ​​​​solar panels for the production of 1 kW of energy. 

4. Intermittent cycle

The sun does not shine at night, and on cloudy days the amount of energy produced is significantly reduced, which in many cases makes solar energy not the main source of electricity. But even taking into account these factors, solar energy remains much more stable than, for example, also widespread wind energy. 

5. Problems of energy storage

Batteries are needed in this industry to store energy and periodically smooth out uneven energy from solar panels. Their main disadvantage is the price, since large-capacity batteries are quite expensive, and not every person can afford such a price. A partial solution to this problem is that the peak load occurs during daylight hours, where almost all the necessary energy is generated by solar panels.

6. Used elements 

The Solar manufacturer in Pakistan requires materials that are rare earth, which increases their cost and makes them very difficult to manufacture and recycle. As a result, this leads to a significant increase in the price of solar panels.

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