11 11 Sale on all Fashion Brands:

Everyone is always hoping to get their favorite picks at a discounted price. And so, people actually wait for sales on brands. Whether it be apparel, accessories, or something else entirely, people are always on the lookout for good offers to take advantage of. Women go absolutely bonkers whenever their favorite fashion labels have a sale, and this is especially true of the women in our country, Pakistan. There are some folks who will hold off on making purchases till there are sales. The 10 10 sale, the 11 11 sale, the eids sales, the end-of-season sale, and other similar events are among the largest ones that take place annually in Pakistan.

Sales in Pakistan:

These types of discounts are common in the Pakistani fashion industry. Almost all the brands in Pakistan have these sales including Sapphire, Ally’s, Zaib by Nimsay, Garnet CLothing, Sana Safinaz and Saira Shakira etc. Sales percentages, however, can be quite different. Brands offer up to 70% discounts on their products. 

Laam 11 11 Sale:

If you’ve ever looked onto a deal on Laam, you know they have insane markdowns. Now is the time to be on the lookout, as the 11 11 sale 2022 is now active on some brands and soon would be all the other ones too. There will also be a massive sale on Laam, with remarkable collections from every category of men as well as women.

Brands with the biggest sales:

Garnet Clothing:

In terms of the brands having the best sales, Garnet clothing is among the top ones. Garnet clothing is the brand that caters to women in both pret and unstitched categories. The brand is also available on Laam. The most amazing thing about garnet that makes its customers like it is the quality of fabric it uses and also this brand has affordable price ranges.

This brand has various decent sales all over the year including the end of season sale, eid sales and 10 10 sale. Now is the time for the latest and biggest sale on Garnet clothing, that is the 11 11 sale for 2022. 


When it comes to brands that have sales on its collections quite frequently, Sapphire is a considerable option. Sapphire is a well-known retailer of eastern as well as western wear in Pakistan, with a large selection of products for both men and women and recently it has launched its fusion collection that is really adored by its customers. From everyday wear to formal attire, this label has got you covered.

Their pret wear is the one most liked by its customers. The same can be said for its selection of accessories. Customers are always overjoyed whenever there is a sale on outfitters. The 11 11 sale is also going to be quite a big one in Sapphire and with no doubt it would definitely be a success.

Saira Shakira:

Saira Shakira is a couture and eastern-inspired fashion label that has made a name for itself with its unique designs and quality. It portrays itself as a contemporary brand that is founded on creativity and superior tailoring. The sales for this brand are also fairly good, and they range from the 11 11 sale to the 10 10 sale, as well as the Eid sales and the end of season clearance sales.
11 11 Sale is almost here so you should totally keep an eye out on all the brands because there is going to be a massive sale on all of them.