20+ Topics For Your Next Business Essay

Are you majoring in business administration? If yes, you might be looking for motivation for your final year project, right? And we are here to provide you with unlimited motivation. The best and the toughest thing in business majors is to write essays. You get fed up at times just because you are unable to find the perfect topic for your essay. And to be honest, it’s not your fault; students do this so often that even the internet runs out of suggestions sometimes. 

But this time, we will unfold a secret for you. Whether you are finding a topic for business papers or any other subject, the best way to craft one is to go through every field branch. If you think that even the branches have sub-sets, explore them. Why? Because you want wouldn’t want to score low just because you did not pay attention to the subject properly, would you? 

20+ Topics for Business Essays! 

Therefore, in this article, we will try our best to at least add 5 topics to each discipline of business administration. So let’s just dig in, shall we? 

Organizational behavior 

Starting with the most common and important one, which is Organizational behavior. As the name shows, in this field of business studies, you learn about the behavior of people in groups.  But obviously, under specific circumstances. This work best for the organization in terms of understanding which individual can work best with the firm. 

The study of organizational behavior is not limited and talks about six basic areas: leadership, Motivation, Ethics, Organizational Structure, Communication, and Decision-Making. Hence, you have a pretty good chance to select the most innovative topic for your essay. Or else you can take professional UK assignment help, although we’d suggest trying to do it yourself first and then seek professional assistance. 

Here are some of the topics related to organizational behavior for business students!

  • Talk about the difference between leadership and influence and how you think that these two concepts relate to motivation.
  • According to your analyses, who is an effective leader and an ineffective leader? Do you think that their lead impacts the team?
  • What’s your stance on ethical leadership?
  • What are the five styles of communication? Use examples to illustrate the type of communication it represents.
  • What is groupthink? Do you think it’s related to the issues in group decision-making processes?
  • Identify a specific company and explain why you believe its reward system has been successful.
  • Explain how a reward might effectively motivate an individual to achieve a particular goal.
  • Do you think that team-building is important in the workplace? If yes, briefly state the valid reasons. 
  • What is a team? What are the major factors that affect a team’s success? Use examples to support your answers.

Business management 

If you are enrolled in business management, things are easier for you than others. Many topics, such as human resources management, business strategy, and supply chain management, can be utilized. Now it’s up to your creativity and knowledge how you can craft something right from scratch. But until you do that, you can take help from affordable assignments or use the following topics for your business management essays! 

  • What is the best way to define management?
  • Do you agree that there is a difference between managers and leaders? Debate! 
  • What makes management a challenging job? 
  • Do you think managers must motivate you to perform better in the workplace?
  • The effects of ethics on a manager — A brief discussion!
  • Why is it vital to work as a team in a firm?
  • Responsibilities of managers toward their employees.
  • What’s your secret to increasing productivity at work?
  • Do you think that people hate their bosses for no reason or is it because the bosses make them do things out of their comfort zone?
  • What are the attributes that a good manager must possess?

Supply and demand 

You call supply and demand a relationship between cost commodity and its demand in a free market. You can easily find so many untouched topics related to the following discipline of business studies. And that too for both high school and college level. Some of them you are about to discover here. Apart from creating a perfect topic yourself, you can also check out any academic site that provides dissertation help in the UK. The UK has some of the most professional academic writers. 

  • Describe the relationship between price, demand, and supply.
  • Do you think that demand for a good can change over time? If yes, how so? 
  • Explain how the supply curve might slope downward and why you think this happens.
  • Do you think that technological change could lead to a movement along the supply curve?
  • How does a change in supply on market equilibrium impact price and quantity?
  • Differentiate between movements along a supply curve versus a demand curve.

Business ethics            

If you want something critical and exciting at the same time, then you should go with business ethics. This includes an examination of various ethical dilemmas that a business faces or is most likely to face. To craft a perfect paper that revolves around business ethics, you are required to pay attention to the basics. Such as an introduction, paragraph, examples, and a well-described conclusion. Check out the following topics for your next essay.

  • Talk about the problems with legal vs. ethical standards.
  • What should be the role of government in business decisions?
  • Mention some of the most high-profile cases of ethical violation.
  • What are the most common lies that people tell in business?
  • How would you describe a relationship between profit and social good?
  • What are the issues and the possible solutions with corporate social responsibility?
  • Unethical behavior in organizations must not be entertained. A fair debate! 
  • Corporate crime and the criminals! 
  • Do you agree with the political corruption concerning business decisions?


There you have some of the most innovative, excellent, and yet easiest topics for your business papers. You can utilize them the way you want and get extraordinary grades compared to others. We hope you find it helpful for academic purposes.