3 Easy Ways to make your Wash Basin look Attractive

A Wash Basin is a type of sink normally used in bathrooms. They are broadly used for washing your hands and face, but could also be used for brushing your teeth or shaving. Wash basins come in various forms, sizes, and colors, they are an essential part of the bathroom among other bathroom accessories. One could make use of various bathroom ideas to have an aesthetically pleasing, economic, and genuinely purpose-built wash basin, one must take the following tips into consideration. 

Selecting the Right Wash Basin Design

To opt for the perfect wash basin design and include that touch of comfort and class in your sanitary ware and bathroom in general, you must know about the different types and categories that wash basin designs fall under:

1. Counter Top Wash Basin:

These wash basins can certainly make a striking difference to the entire feel and look of your bathroom. Generally, there are two types of countertop wash basins 

 The ‘over-the-counter’ hand wash basin is ideal if you’re looking for a stylish and modern look! The bay should be set in a way that is easy to access.

An ‘under-the-counter wash basin is also a good option since it is easier to clean. The rim is not visible, as the basin is fitted in the counter itself.

2. Pedestal Wash Basin:

Pedestal wash basins are relatively smaller and come with a pedestal that enhances bathroom aesthetics by hiding the drain pipe. Different combinations could be used with just a single block, or select two separate units with pedestal or detachable basin. 

3. Wall Mounted Wash Basin:

Wall-mounted washbasin designing is mounted inside your bathroom on the wall. The smaller sizes and lighter weight of these basins make them ideal for smaller spaces. Since they have ample space beneath them, they are easier to clean. 

4. Table-Top Wash Basin:

They are easy to install, have better water holding capacity, and absolutely enhance the bathroom’s style quotient. In addition to minimal water splashing, table-top wash basins are also tough and durable. This type of table top basin can fit on a table without any difficulty, counter or any surface for that matter!

5. Semi-Recessed Wash Basin:

These contemporary wash basins are the preferable option for bathrooms with limited space, as they require vanity cabinets to provide storage beneath the basin. They are extremely useful for getting to the faucet without being hampered by the countertop.

2) Use of Different Materials


The most common material for a wash basin is Ceramic. This includes fire clay ceramics and vitreous china.

Ceramic sinks are popular, as they are available in many shapes and are easy to clean. Since they are popular, you can also find ceramic sinks at different price points to suit any budget.

Solid Surface:

Wash basin with solid surface is distinguishable by their clean lines and lack of seams. They carry a modern, minimalist look and are also extremely easy to keep clean.

Metal Finishes:

Wash basin can also be constructed from metals, including stainless steels and aluminum. These striking finishes can really help your bathroom stand apart from the crowd and will look gorgeous if you want to create a modern space. Moreover, it should be noted that outstanding finishes of these sinks do need some extra care to continue looking their best.

3) Choosing the Right Basin Mixer Taps

Monobloc basin taps

A monobloc basin tap features a single spout that delivers a mix of hot and cold water, which is designed for use with a one tap-hole sink. The flow and temperature of the water is controlled by a single lever handle, which is easy to use. A variety of styles are available in this type of tap to enhance any bathroom. 

Basin mixer taps

Bathroom basin mixer taps are very similar to a monobloc tap, but have different controls for the hot and cold water. Both modern and classic designs are available in two-hole and three-hole styles. Traditional basin mixer taps are perfect for adding grace to any bathroom, these usually feature cross-head or lever handles and more ornate detailing compared to modern designs.

Hot and Cold Basin Pillar taps

Basin pillar taps are the most reasonable type and the easiest to fit. They are supplied as a pair; different controls are there for hot and cold water. They serve as a great budget option and are offered in both modern and traditional styles. 

Wall-mounted Basin Taps

Wall-mounted Basin Taps are a great option for creating a neat, streamlined finish and serve the needs of contemporary bathrooms. It is usually teamed with a countertop basin that does not have any tap holes.

High rise Basin Taps

A high-rise basin tap copies a monobloc tap but is much taller in design, which makes this suited for mounting to a worktop, so it can be paired with a countertop sink. To complete an ultra-chic look, one can opt for a waterfall design.

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