3 Underrated Ways to Improve Brand Awareness

Entrepreneurship in Australia is buzzing right now. Thus, it can get super competitive and resource-heavy to get yourself noticed. Most brand leaders discuss using the online space to their advantage for brand awareness. But it’s easy to get lost in this echo chamber. One could hire a digital marketing manager who claims they have the best skills for AdWords management in Melbourne. But all they do is eat up the salary and bring no results. 

Over time, there are quite a few strategies that leading brands have used to gain brand visibility outside the usual process. Now to understand these top 3 underrated ways to improve brand awareness. 

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1. Don’t Beat Them, Join Them

This implies collaborative brand campaigns. When building your brand or product, competitor research is a crucial step. However, most companies use competitors as a benchmark. The modern way towards better brand building is to stop looking at your competitors as ‘rivals’. 

Use their strengths to your advantage. Pitch in a collaborative campaign idea. It could be a social media giveaway, a charity cause, or partnering as a sponsor for an event. Nothing takes people by awe like seeing those competitors join hands. Competitor collaboration helps you use your rival’s strengths to your advantage rather than viewing it as a threat. 

Take the Burger King-McDonalds case, for example!

2. Don’t Force, Outsource 

Some may take this strategy with a pinch of salt. Nonetheless, it helps hundreds of brands go from 0 to 75, if not 100. For a budding brand, hiring for every marketing role can be heavy on the pocket. Yes, keyword optimisation can help you appear on consumers’ search engines. But the quality of research and productivity can get lost when juggling many responsibilities. 

Some of the best AdWords management in Melbourne that companies have seen is through agencies. There are various digital marketing agencies you can outsource to lift the burden off you. This means you can focus on business operations and have more time. The agency can handle A to Z at an affordable cost!

Don’t buy it? Try it!

3. Don’t Charge, Think Large

Who doesn’t love a freebie? The stuff you don’t charge for will get you more sales than the ones you set for. 

Most new brands are unknown to their target customers. This creates a sense of distrust. Offering a freebie gives them a chance to know you without risking anything. More and more companies offer free products on their website at just a minimal shipping fee. 

Sometimes, the guilt of receiving a gift induces customers to buy a legitimate product from your website. Irrespective of that, brands must implement the freebie strategy carefully. One needs to do in-depth market research, analyse their products, see the cost-to-benefit ratio, and decide. 

Here’s how offering a freebie starts a chain of loyal customers- 

  • Step 1: Free products
  • Step 2: Brand Acquaintance
  • Step 3: Brand Awareness
  • Step 4: Customer Conversion

One can have a sceptical view of this strategy, but only correct implementation will bring results.

Wrapping Up

Brand building is no cake. Even after the best SEO practices and social media campaigns, one may still need to achieve brand awareness goals. In a business hub like Sydney, you must be on top of your game and use the road less travelled. The next time a brand-building initiative is in the talks, here are the three underrated strategies to visit!