4 Types of Services to Hire to Optimize Your Business Website

A website for your business plays a huge role in the overall success of your business— even if you operate fully in person. The reason is that these days, almost everything is done over the internet, marketing included. More than half of the world’s population has access to the internet, which means more people are using the internet to get the information they’re looking for.

With that being said, it’s important to have a website for your business— but it’s not enough to simply have a business website. For your business website to bring you the success you’re looking for, consider hiring these four services to optimize your website.

#1: Blogging Services

Blogs were very popular in the 2000s, and they’re still very popular today. A blog (contracted from weblog/web log) is an online journal or an informational website that is shared with the public. Today’s blogs are less of an online journal and more of an informational column, or a mix of both personal and informative posts. Many people run blogs on platforms like WordPress and Blogger and can monetize these blogs by running ads on them.

When it comes to having a blog on your business website, this is a great way to increase engagement with both current and potential consumers. You can share both personal experiences (as it relates to what your brand is about) and information (backed by research) as it relates to what you’re selling. You can also hire guest blogging services that allow other bloggers to post content on your website, as long as it relates to your brand.

#2: Design Services

This is actually the first service to hire for your website, if you choose to go with a website designing service to build your business website, as opposed to a self-hosting service. Whichever you decide to go with, there are a few elements of design that your website should follow to ensure its effectiveness. Some tips to keep in mind include:

  • Make sure your website doesn’t have a complicated URL
  • Keep your design simple and ads to a minimum
  • Have both a desktop and a mobile version of your website
  • Easy-to-navigate websites engage visitors longer
  • A slow-loading website will cause visitors to click off

Also, keep in mind that too many pop-ups on your website can be annoying to your visitors. If possible, have your ads (since this is another way to receive money) come up in a way that doesn’t affect your visitors’ ability to browse.

#3: Recruitment Services

Recruitment agencies are services that help you find the most qualified employees to work for you. You may be wondering what this has to do with your website, but around 35% of job applications come directly from a business’s career page on its website. Whether you’re actively hiring for your company or not, there’s going to come a time when having a career page on your website will be very helpful in bringing the most qualified candidates to you.

Services from NAS Recruitment can help you create the ideal career page to attract job-seekers. In the same way you’d use marketing tactics across other pages on your website, you’d do the same when marketing toward potential candidates for hire.

#4: SEO Services

Finally, it’s helpful to hire SEO (search engine optimization) services for your website. This also ties into blogging services since effective blogging uses SEO techniques to bring more people to your website. The premise of SEO is to use certain keywords across your website (including your blog and career page) to get it to rank higher on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!.

A higher rank on a search engine means that when someone searches a word or phrase that relates to your business, your business website/blog is more likely to come up on the first page of search results— ideally within the top three to five slots. This is important because the majority of searchers aren’t going to scroll to the bottom of the search results, and even more people are unlikely to visit the second page of search results.

The bottom line is that having a business website has the potential to bring more business to your company. However, it’s not enough to just have a website. Because your website can market for you, you must make sure that it is effective in marketing for you— to both consumers and job-seekers— for your business to grow.