5 Amazing Tips For People Who Have Strong Desire To Live In Nature 

We get up in the morning, rush to our office, finish the chores, and sleep. It is no wonder people are losing touch with nature. Most of us live in concrete spaces with no connection with nature. Children have no time to look up at the sky or breathe clean air from trees. Soaking the tranquility of nature seems impossible. 

Everyone lives their life glued to digital devices. While most people enjoy nature, they prefer to take virtual nature tours. Looking at a stimulated plant may hold more appeal to many people. While it feels convenient, you can never replace the real-time experience. Interacting with nature may provide you with a life-transforming experience. It can ensure holistic development in people. Connecting with nature may boost overall well-being. 

Why Should You Consider Living Close To Nature? 

We live in a modern world with no time to smell the roses. With life becoming urban, most of us spend more than 90% of our time indoors. It restricts the time we spend out in nature. A study suggests that more than half of American spend five hours or less amidst nature a week. However, our soul craves nature’s closeness. 

Substantial evidence indicates people interacting with nature can reap many benefits. Some of them include the following: 

  • Feel calmer 
  • Prevent focusing on negative thoughts 
  • Avoid chronic stress impacting the body negatively 
  • Boost overall well-being and health 

Many believe they cannot get close to nature with their hectic schedule. However, you can come closer to nature with the tips suggested below. 

#1 Plan A Retreat 

Allocate some time in your busy schedule to destress and connect to nature. Plan a winter wellness retreat to an exotic location. It can give you the time to reset and rejuvenate your senses. A retreat to nature may help you heal from the inside. It can help you reflect on vital things in life. The location you choose can make you feel warm from the inside. You can go out and enjoy the beauty of nature.  

According to research,eco-therapy or retreating to nature may have a therapeutic effect on your mental wellness. It may feel like a cure for burnout, depression, and anxiety you develop due to the hectic schedule.  

Also, the retreat programs have nutritious food that can boost your physical health. Enjoying the outdoors will nourish your heart and mind. Spa time at the retreat center can offer you relaxation. It is the perfect package for people who love to enjoy the benefits of connecting to nature. 

#2 Fill Your Home With Indoor Plants 

If you live in an area with no plants or trees, you may find it difficult to connect to nature. You can find innovative methods to reconnect with nature by adding indoor plants. It can enhance the aesthetics of your space and help you feel closer to nature. A study by NASA reveals that placing plants inside your home may clean the air and water inside. It can help you breathe easier. 

Placing indoor plants may not just keep your air clean. It can also connect you to nature. It may restore the body and mind. A study suggests that people interacting with nature may experience low-stress levels and improved health. Having higher contact with nature can reduce stress. It may ease physical and mental problems triggered due to stress. 

#3 Allow Natural Light To Come Into Your Home 

You may wish to close all the curtains and drapes to keep your space. It can offer a perfect environment to watch movies and chill. Allowing natural light to come into your home can do wonders. It may change the atmosphere inside your home. Natural light can also impact your mood. Allowing natural light inside may help you feel closer to nature. 

A study suggests that natural light can boost physical recovery in patients. Patients taking pain medication exposed to natural light felt less pain. They recovered faster than the patients placed on the dimmer side of the room. Patients on the brighter side felt less pain, reduced stress, and felt the need to take fewer medications. 

#4 Keep Windows Open 

Are you looking for a simple method to connect to nature? Open your windows to feel the air on your face. It can also improve room ventilation. Allowing fresh air inside the room can promote better air circulation and eradicate stale odors. 

Proper ventilation can make you feel more comfortable in your home. It may prevent condensation, reduce indoor air pollution, and keep your room cool. Leave your windows open in the morning. You can feel the fresh breeze that may uplift your mood. 

#5 Bring The Smells Of Nature To Your Home 

If you cannot go out to connect with nature, try to bring it home. The fresh-smelling flowers and scent of the earth after the first rain may soothe and heal your soul. Studies indicate that aromatherapy may offer several health benefits. It can uplift your mood and boost your immune system. Researchers suggest that plant oils may benefit your physical and mental health. A recent study suggests peppermint oil can reduce mental exhaustion and improve attention. Bring natural scents to your home to feel closer to nature. 


Connecting to nature can make you feel good. Do you know that listening to the sound of nature may help you recover speedier from stress? Similarly, natural sounds and visuals can help you overcome stressful situations better. Try to find a way to get back to nature to improve your overall well-being.