5 Common Mistakes Non-Expert Product Image Editors Make


If product pictures are not eye-catching and convincing, the customers will not take the hardship to check product descriptions no matter how magnificently you have written them. So, to make the first impression exceptional, product image editing by the experts is crucial.

Here we have mentioned some of the reasons why you need expert image editors and can’t do it by yourself. Ignoring these pointers can lead to missing potential customers.

Keeping The Product Images Blur 

Transparency and sharpness are two crucial aspects that attract the human brain. Non-experts focus less on these aspects and upload blur images, which means losing time, money, and potential customers. 

If you hire an expert, they will use advanced image-editing software and fix all your blurred product photos so that neither you have to upload blur product pictures/images nor waste money & time on clicking the product images.

Tip: You can Hire a Virtual Assistant to enhance the beauty of your images and other graphics.

Underestimating The Power of Background

To make your product stand distinctive, it is crucial to keep everything in the picture background simple and clean. 

Non-professionals do not pay much attention to the image background. And, other things than products such as extra lighting, wall patterns, the shadow of other objects, and more can distract the customer from the product. 

Hence, product image editing should be done by the experts and not by your own.

Excess Use of High Dynamic Range

Non-experts use HDR in the picture, which is not appropriate for the product images.

Increased HDR level makes the image look darker, and the result of which details of your product get lost.

In these circumstances, outsource product image editing companies that use the correct HDR level to boost the image. 

Keep The Contrast Too High

The proper contrast can transform a product photo from a flat one to a striking one. Usually, non-professional increase the contrast of the pictures without the right adjustment. As a result, product images get darker if it is dark or lighter if it is light. 

When professionals edit product photos, they utilize their skills and make suitable adjustments only. Then, the product image doesn’t lose the details and spell out the correct definition to the customers.

Cropping The Actual Length of The Product Photo

Image length accuracy is the critical element of product photography. Non-professionals over-crop the product image and use the wrong ratio to change the dimensions. Consequently, it becomes difficult to define the product.

But if you outsource product retouching services, professionals will follow the correct guidelines, golden ratio, and cropping order in product editing and crop your image accurately. 

The Bottom Line

Using astounding product images edited by professionals, you can reach so many potential customers and inform them about new product launches, limited offers, discounts, cheaper deals, and more. Consequently, you will get increased traffic & sales and good responses on the eCommerce platform.

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