5 Natural and Effective Ways to Strengthen Your Bones

Healthy bones, for everyone, are extremely important because they help us to move from one place to another. The bones incorporate minerals during childhood and adolescence, even some medical specialists believe that minerals can be incorporate into bones during early adulthood. There is a peak bone mass when you are at the age of 30.

Your bones can become fragile and can be broken easily if you don’t achieve enough bone mass at the age of 30 and due to the less bone mass, you can also experience bone loss. According to the best bones doctor in Karachi, there are firm guidelines that you can follow to strengthen your bones easily.

If your bones are healthy there would be less chances of damage to the bones in the case of minor injuries or accidents. In addition, your healthy bones will also bear the mild to moderate effects of bumps and falls.

Ways to Strengthen Your Bones

Here are some effective tips to strengthen your bones without facing any difficulty:

1.Include Vegetables in Your Diet

Vegetables, especially those packed with vitamin C, are not only effective for your bones but also for overall health. Vegs full of vitamin C are effective in playing role in the production of bone-forming cells. In addition, some studies suggest that the antioxidant effects of vitamin C on the body can also protect the cells from damage.

There can be several reasons for decreased bone mineral density. You can easily increase your bone mineral density by adding fresh vegetables to your diet. When a doctor measures the amount of calcium and several other important minerals in the body, it is common as bone density. 

Osteoporosis and other bone problems such as low bone mass when someone experiences low bone density. In addition, when you increase the intake of green and yellow vegetables, there is an increase in the minerals of bones as well as bone mass. Consuming vegetables every day is essential for everyone, especially for older women. 

A study found that women who consumed onions on a regular basis experienced lower risks of osteoporosis than other women who didn’t consume onions at all or consumed them in lower amounts.

2.Minimize Your Caffeine Intake

Caffeine may be a part of your personality and maybe you don’t start your day without caffeine intake in the form of coffee or tea. However, caffeine intake in high amounts is not good for your bone and even it can affect your overall health.

If you are consuming caffeine in moderate amounts then it is ok, otherwise, this intake wouldn’t do a good to your bones because when you consume 1000mg of caffeine it causes 6mg loss of calcium in the body, and an individual can’t bear the loss of calcium as it is essential for maintaining bone health.

If you are cautious about improving and maintaining your bone health you have to minimize caffeine to 300mg in a single day. Usually, this is equal to a small cup of coffee. If you succeed in minimizing your caffeine intake it would help you a lot in protecting your bones.

3.Increase the Intake of Vitamin D

On holidays, perhaps, you prefer to stay in the bed and get plenty of sleep. However, it wouldn’t be a great thing for you, especially for your bones. On holidays, when you see from your room window that the sun is shining, you need to go outside to catch some rays. 

In addition, vitamin D is also important for your mental health; it improves your cognition and reduces the risks of experiencing dementia. Some people use supplements to get enough amount of vitamin D instead of going outside. However, a person needs to consult his medical specialist before using any supplement that provides vitamin D because these supplements may cause some undesired effects.

4.Get Enough Protein

Protein consumption in an appropriate amount is essential for healthy bones because your bones possess 50% of protein. According to medical specialists and studies, a low intake of protein causes the body to absorb calcium in lower amounts which may lead to a breakdown. However, if you consume protein in more than high amounts, then it may be harmful to your health.

People who consume 100mg of protein every day don’t face any problems like increased acidity in the blood. Additionally, if you consume foods that are also not only available with protein but also calcium, you would be able to get additional benefits.

5.Decrease Salt Intake

Increased salt intake is not good for your bones because there is a huge amount of iodine in salt. However, if you consume salt in lower amounts then it would not affect your bones. Therefore, don’t add additional salt to your cooked foods.


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