5 Rug Materials That Sam’s Rug Cleaning Services Specializes In

A rug adds to the attraction in the room and the décor. It protects the floors and even brings warmth and coziness. Adding a carpet in a room is a design change that adds value to the room. Rugs are manufactured and available in various materials, such as cotton, wool, silk, synthetic fibers, natural fibers, and many more. Shopping for your home’s right rug may be challenging and tricky. But it is essential to choose the right carpet for your room by considering the proper rug material and similarly for the Rug Cleaning ServicesFactors to be considered are traffic, where the rug is to be placed, the amount of warmth and coziness desired, and how you will use the space. So, keep the connection maintained, and let us put some light on the five most common and popular types of rug materials in this article.

  1. Silk: Silk is counted among the most durable and sturdy natural fibers. Since silk absorbs several colors, thus, it can be woven and dyed in numerous styles and patterns. Having a silk rug on your floor is expensive and considered luxurious. The Silk Rugs require more professional maintenance and cleaning. The most well-known silk rugs are Persian and Oriental Rugs. One should avail of the Traditional Rugs Cleaning services for cleaning these rugs. The silk rugs are best suited for low-traffic areas and should not be directly in sunlight. These rugs have a somewhat shiny and smooth texture.

  1. Cotton: Cotton Rugs offer softness and affordability and are convenient to clean and maintain. These are categorized as seasonal rugs and are best suited for areas where you frequently replace carpets, such as the kitchen, entryway, and other regions. Cotton floor cloths have various dye options and can be dyed in numerous colors. They are available in several patterns and styles and are usually machine washable. But it is required to read all the cleaning instructions carefully on the label. Cotton rugs are also less durable than wool and synthetic materials. And, with time, these floor clothes may turn yellow-brown. One may also take the help of professionals to get Chinese Rugs Cleaning services as these rugs are available in cotton and wool.

  1. Wool: Wool is one of the most popular materials for rugs because it is very sturdy and durable and lasts for around twenty to thirty years. Also, it is very comfortable, soft, and best suited for high-traffic areas such as dining and living rooms. Though the lifespan of these rugs is very high, it all depends on how you keep and maintain them. For hand-knotted floor cloth, it is best to take services from rug cleaning experts and professionals. The European rugs are made of pure wool, and availing of the European Rugs Cleaning services is best to maintain their longevity and life. 

  • Natural Fibers: The natural fibers rugs add warmth and coziness to the room and organic appeal to the space where they have been put. The most popular natural fiber rug materials are seagrass, sisal, and jute. They are generally inexpensive and cost-effective. The floor cloths made of natural fibers work well with several interior designs and styles. If you have a Turkish rug made of natural fibers, then proper maintenance and Turkish Rugs Cleaning from a professional is required.

  • Synthetic Fiber: Synthetic Rugs are categorized as microfiber rugs made of polyester or nylon, polyester, and other synthetic fibers amalgamated. Because of their durability and sturdiness, floor cloths made of synthetic fibers are best for high-traffic areas. Synthetic material rugs can be placed in the living, kitchen, and dining rooms. These rugs are even easy to maintain and clean. You can wash them in the washing machine or with the hose after carefully following the cleaning and washing guidelines. The wool and silk rugs are expensive options. But synthetic fiber rugs are a less costly and inexpensive choice. So, add a bright splash of color to your space with these synthetic rugs.

The Concluding Thoughts

This article aims to provide information about various materials used to make rugs or floor clothes. However, the life span of the carpets can be increased and boosted only if these rugs are properly cleaned and maintained. Taking services from professionals is best to keep these rugs intact for generations. Sam’s Rugs have been offering Rug Cleaning Services for ages. They have also been providing rug repair to repair your floor clothes. They provide cleaning and repair services for various kinds of rugs such as Persian, Turkish, Indian, Chinese, European, and many others. Their consulting services may also benefit you. So, increase the longevity and revive your rugs; collaborate with them to avail of their services.