5 Subscription Boxes To Try For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor adventures do so much more than get your adrenaline pumping. According to one report, spending quality time in nature cheers you up, lowers stress levels, is relaxing, improves self-esteem, and works your muscles.

However, your outdoor adventure is only as good as your tools. Outdoor tools and accessories allow you to push yourself to the limit but stay safe.

Thankfully, you can create a stockpile of the best outdoor accessories and gear by signing up for outdoor adventure subscription boxes. Such boxes feature everything from multi-tools to snacks and hydration gear, and below are the top boxes to inspire your next adventure.

1. Crate Club

Ideally, outdoor adventures, whether solo or in a group, are fun and enriching experiences. However, like with most things, there are no guarantees, and anything can go wrong and turn your outdoor adventure therapy into a nightmare.

While cathartic, outdoor activities like cycling, surfing, hiking, and adventure sports are not without potential hazards. One report shows that adventure tourism accounts for approximately 19% of injuries.

Besides injury, getting lost, attacks, and natural disasters are potential outdoor recreation hazards. Therefore, a survival subscription box is a thoughtful investment to help you stockpile adventure safety and protection gear, and Crate Club offers the best survival boxes/crates. Crate Club is a tactical and survival subscription box that sends subscribers everyday tools and resources to prepare for eventualities. While “tactical” and Survivalist’ sound rather niche, anyone can benefit from a Crate Club subscription box.

This premium survivalist outdoor adventure subscription brand offers four subscription packages, each catering to different levels of outdoor adventure experience and survivalist expertise. Therefore, it allows you to choose a subscription box that aligns with your parameters for outdoor adventures.

First is the Lieutenant package ($49.99 monthly), the most basic package featuring self-defense gear and primary survivalist accessories like fire-starters. The Lieutenant package caters to casual outdoorsy individuals and new tacticians.

The Crate Club’s second subscription package is the mid-range Captain package ($99.99). It features survival and tactical tools, including everyday-use items like everyday carry (EDC) accessories and medical gear.

The third is the Major Package ($199.99), featuring field-tested tactical gear, like tactical flashlights, binoculars, and bullet-proof vest inserts. The gear highlighted above is from previous Crate Club boxes, meaning you can expect a surprise each month.

The fourth and most premium subscription level is Crate Club’s General Package ($399.99), which comes quarterly rather than monthly. You can expect the best of the best from this package.

Crate Club stands out from the competition because it offers high-value items in each subscription box. The subscription service teams up with premium survival and tactical gear brands, offering you more for your money.

Second, safety is a priority for the Crate Club; the brand exclusively delivers tested gear recommended by professionals. Therefore, join the Crate Club, interact with like-minded individuals on their community portal, and unleash your outdoor adventure badass.

gloves for adventure

2. The Nomadik

The Nomadik outdoor subscription box inspires adventure and preparedness. It caters to new and moderate thrill-seekers who want to explore the outdoors for fun and relaxation. The brand curates items from premium brands and offers them at almost half the price.

Nomadic offers two subscription frequency options, monthly and quarterly. A monthly subscription earns you 3-5 items each month, while a quarterly subscription earns you 5-8 items every three months.

Although the items are a surprise, they are typically composed of one main gear, accompanied by suitable accessories and educational resources. Second, the boxes also feature an outdoor challenge to inspire your next adventure.

The Nomadik also has a gear quiz to help you identify your adventure style. Subsequent subscription boxes build on the information given during your sign-up survey and the answers to your gear quiz.

3. Wild Woman

One statistical report shows that women constitute 46.5% of outdoor adventures and have since 2015. However, the outdoor adventure industry barely caters to the female adventurer market niche, with most brands selling male-centric gear.

Consequently, the Wild Woman subscription service fulfills the need for an inclusive outdoor adventure space. Wild Woman subscription boxes feature 4-7 curated items that inspire curiosity, strength, and adventure, encouraging women to embrace their wild side. Besides typical outdoor accessories, the brand curates healthy energy foods for fuel while on the outdoors and natural skin care products to nurture femininity in the outdoors.

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3. Hiker Crate

Hiking is arguably the most fulfilling outdoor adventure. It supports quality sleep, improves memory, lowers cardiovascular disease risk, and tones muscles.

Hiker Crate sets you up for a fulfilling outdoor adventure with its hiking essentials. The subscription service curates boxes with items ranging from hydrated foods and trail mix, hydration gear, campsite gear, and skincare products. It also features gadgets like navigation tools, solar chargers, and headlamps.

Hiker Crate offers a monthly subscription and quarterly, bi-annual, and annual prepay options. Prepay options have higher discounts.

4. The Happy Glamper

An outdoor adventure may mean getting down and dirty for most. However, for glampers, it means a change of scenery that allows you to commune with nature without the down-and-dirty bit. Moreover, a bit of comfort doesn’t hurt.

The Happy Glamper caters to the comforts of home. Each subscription box features 4-7 items themed according to specific US glamping spots. Moreover, the items are from local artisans in the themed destination and include health and skincare products, books, snacks, and souvenirs like jewelry.

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Besides exploratory themes that inspire you to get out more, outdoor subscription boxes feature substantial discounts on premium-quality gear. Second, it feels good to get things other than bills and jury duty sermons in the mailbox. So, subscribe to any of the services above and unleash your inner adventurer.