5 Tricks to Increase Your Child’s Love of Music Instruments Playing

Many parents wish to foster the love of music in their children. Playing musical instruments boosts discipline in young children and also increases the ability to focus. Also, learning their favorite musical instruments from a young age has great potential to join the music industry in the years to come. However, some parents find it more difficult to boost their child’s love for musical instruments.

Parents have to be really careful when trying to boost the music lovers in their children. Overburdening or forcing instrument playing can often take the interest away. This is something better done with a kid’s own interest and in-grown love of music. However, there are many tricks parents can try to boost that habit in their children. Here are a few of them:

1: Enjoy Music Instruments Together with Your Children

The first basic technique that is almost always effective is to enjoy instruments with your children. If you also play the classic bodhran drum or any stringed instruments like the guitar or the Bouzouki, make sure to do it at home too. Bring your child into play and arouse their interest.

Make it a habit of playing your instruments in presence of your child. Make the whole thing as fun as you possibly can. Dance with them on the tune and sing songs to encourage instrument playing. Basically, the more they find the activity fun, the more interest will develop.

Parents need to play a vital role in developing the right musical instrument habits in young children. Kids for the most part will do what they see adults doing around them. Set the right examples. Take them along in the daily instrument-playing session.

2: Give Them the Choice to Find Their Own Instrument to Play

One of the worst things parents can do is force an instrument of their choice. Every kid is different and will ultimately develop a different likeness for instruments. So, when you try to force an instrument that you’d like them to play, it usually disrupts interest.

The best thing to do is to let them select their own instrument. Bring a variety of instruments home or get them admitted to a music school with variety. Give them complete freedom to try and play the instrument of their own choice and interest.

It is actually fairly easy to spot the instrument likeness. Sometimes, taking them to the musical instruments store is a great idea as well. Only by handling guitars, balalaika, drums, lute, harps, or other instruments, you can judge which are their favorite.

3: Improve Their Music and Music Instrument Knowledge

Another great way to increase music instrument interest is to improve their music knowledge. Your kids, when they are young, don’t know too much about music and the people who played it. Introduce them at home to famous people who played instruments like Elvis, Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Carlos Santana, and other greats of the world.

Make sure to introduce them to famous people who played an instrument of their choice. Give them knowledge about how cool guitarists, harpists, drummers, and other musicians have been. Develop their interest by showing them how much better they will be with music. Bring the cool factor into the knowledge of your child to help them become more interested.

4: Find Them a Friendly, Supportive Music Teacher

Music teachers actually play the biggest role in training young ones and also developing interest. Sometimes, the mother or the father will be the teacher on their own. However, this is not often the case. Realistically, parents will have to find a music teacher for their children.

Teacher selection is actually a big part of the journey. If you had a good teacher in your time, see if they are still available. Also, find the most supportive and friendly person as your kid’s music teacher. They should be able to develop the right habits by making music more fun.

5: Have Fun with Appreciative Live Performances

Live performances are actually some of the best appreciative exercises for musicians. Also, kids at their younger ages, love to be appreciated for doing something right as well. Parents have a great opportunity to encourage live performances for their music-learning children of all ages.

You don’t need much of a crowd as well. Just when some friend, their uncles or aunts are visiting, go live with performance. Also, make sure to ignore their small mistakes. Appreciate the music they come up with and note down what went right and what went wrong. It is a great practice.

Also, if you can, participate in that live performance session yourself as well. Make it a group live performance for everyone there to enjoy. Dedicate roles and instrument-playing tasks to kids with regard to their own interests. It will give them the confidence to play in a group too.

Bottom Line

Music instruments playing is a great habit for young children. From boosting confidence and focus to bringing discipline, various musical instruments are great experiences. Also, the entire cool factor with a kid playing the guitar or a small bodhran drum for their friends is unique too.

Parents have to be there for their kids when looking to develop the right habits. Start by setting your kid on an instrument he/she actually likes. Give them a good teacher to develop instrument playing habits. Also, play with them at home to boost confidence for the years to come.