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6 Important Principles of Logo Design

Logo shows the identity of any brand. It is a very essential feature to grab the attention of the customers to trust your brand and to purchase your products and services. It is very helpful to introduce and enhance your new business in the market because it is a great visual representation of your company. Your logo should have the ability to deliver the right message in a more appropriate and efficient way.  

Your logo design must be associated with your brand. It is very helpful for the audience to know about the qualities of your products. Because a logo clearly shows the properties of your brand. It is not an easy task to choose the right features for your logo. You need to pay a lot of attention while selecting the right features and programs for your brand logo. You can get many ideas from your business team and can design an elegant and unique logo for your brand. 

Principles of logo design:

While creating your logo you have to keep some essential principles of logo design in your mind. If you want to enhance your business at global level your first priority is to select the essential elements of your logo design. Most people prefer to buy the products and services after seeing the logo of that brand. You should have complete knowledge on how to design logos for your company. 

For creating a unique and great logo it is very essential to know about the basic principles of designing a logo. As designing a logo is an easy way to tell the right things about business to your audience. If you want to create a successful logo, you should follow the following essential logo design principles. 

  • Simplicity
  • Timelessness
  • Originality
  • Versatility
  • Balance and proportion
  • Scalability

Now we will explain each logo design principle in detail. It will be very helpful to create a quirky and bewitching logo for your specific brand. 


If you want to attract the customers quickly and easily then simplicity plays an important role to impress the customers. Simple logo is very helpful to easily understand your brand. Complex logo design can divert the attention of the customers. Because a complicated design with a lot of elements is very difficult to understand by everyone. It is also very helpful to memorize your brand for a long time through your logo. As the competition is increasing day by day it is very difficult to stand above the competition. 

You need to choose the perfectly associated color, symbol, font and graphics etc according to your brand. Overcrowded logo does not have the ability to communicate with the customers due to a mixture of a lot of elements. As it is very laborious for the audience to understand the right qualities of your brand products and services. You should choose only three to four contrasting and striking colors in your logo to make it simple and more majestic and elegant. You have to leave space between the elements that allow your brand logo to speak clearly with your target audience.  


Among the most important logo design principles, a timeless logo is also very helpful to increase the value of your brand in the market. Timeless logo means your logo has the ability to express all the essential messages about your brand which you want to show through your logo within a few seconds. If your logo will take a lot of time to be recognized and understood by the audience it can lose the interest of the audience to approach your brand products and services. Your logo must be able to represent your business goals and ideas.


Your logo design must be original; it means it should be the same according to your brand. Original logo is very helpful to memorize the qualities of your brand and it is also very helpful to achieve more and more success by snatching the attention of the customers towards your brand. If you are unaware about how to design your logo you need to follow this essential principle while creating your logo.


Versatile logo allows your company to stand out from the crowd because versatile logo design is easy to recognize and memorable. Versatile design of your logo is more responsive. They have great variations in sizes, colors and complexity and are helpful to impress the customers through their uniqueness.

Balance and proportion:

Well balanced logo design is liked by most people so you should add all the essential elements in appropriate proportion to make it balanced and bewitching. You should organize all the elements in a symmetrical and balanced way that is recommended by most of the logo designers.


You should make your logo design minimal because it is easily scalable. Your logo should have the ability to convert into any size so; you have to make a scalable logo which should look great. It must contain few features because a logo with a lot of features makes it harder to scale down the logo to various sizes.