6 of the Best Indoor Team Building Games for Corporates in Singapore

Are you looking for indoor team building games in Singapore to invigorate your coworkers? Whether a brand-new startup or an established company, having a cohesive workforce is critical to your success. And what better way to create trust as a team than with enjoyable team-building exercises? 

If you’re searching for unusual game activities for your team to do in Singapore, you’ve come to the correct spot. Here are some team-building ideas in Singapore that can turn your group into a well-oiled machine!

Indoor team building game activities list

From bake-offs to paint and drinks to volunteering, here is a list of indoor team game activities that may re-energise your teams and raise employee morale amid stormy weather.

1. Tournament of Board Games

Board games are the ideal rainy-day activity and one of the most excellent small-group indoor team-building exercises. Gather popular board and card games such as Scattergories, Apples to Apples, and Codenames before organising a board game day. The more participants that can participate in the game, the better. 

2. Indoor Cook-Offs 

Bake-Off Cook-Offs are one of the most acceptable indoor game activities for teams since they are both tasty and competitive.

3. Team Meal Meal 

It is the most popular indoor workplace team-building exercise. These events are usually simple to organise. Leaders may make a restaurant reservation or arrange for food in the workplace. Few people refuse free food, and communal meals are social occasions that promote companionship and discussion. 

4. Scavenger Hunt at the House

Scavenger hunts are high-energy team games that require participants to move, investigate, and collaborate to finish the lists.

To execute a scavenger hunt, divide the group into teams and offer each team a set of clues and orders and a time restriction. After the game, total the number of items recovered or tasks accomplished by each team and declare a winner.

5. Rock Climbing Wall

Climbing walls are excellent indoor game activities for groups. If your firm is tremendous, profitable, and well-known for having a lively corporate culture, you could have a climbing wall on campus. Otherwise, you and your team may go to a nearby climbing gym, strap in, and reach new heights. 

6. Assassins of the Indoors

Assassins is a game in which players pretend to be hitmen and “take out” other players. Each participant gives a plastic spoon and the target’s name at the start of the game. Players finish missions by touching the mark with the plastic spoon invisibly. When they kill, the assassins tell the murderer their victim’s name. The game will continue until just one assassin is left. Assassins is a stealth game that may last the whole workday or workweek.

Bottom Line

Indoor team building games works best as a continuous endeavor, which should occur even during the colder months or on poor weather days. Indeed, team trips may be most beneficial during less-than-sunny seasons, when teams may most need a morale boost. You can conduct high-energy indoor team games and powerful group game activities in nearly any area. Teams may accomplish several enjoyable games, game activities, and workouts without ever leaving the workplace or visiting a local indoor destination.