7 Important Notes To Shop Safely During Black Friday Season

Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday deals will begin early this year with many deals from major retailers. A series of shops on the streets are ready to launch promotions and discounts to attract bargain hunters.

Are you an online shopper or watching short golden-hour sales on e-commerce platforms? If so, you may run into some pitfalls if you shop safely too quickly without checking first. So, check the item carefully before making the decision to “withdraw your wallet”.

Visa cards and banks are always trying to keep payments safe. Bank cards often have multiple layers of security to avoid fraud and protect accounts. Your bank can even help you get your money back if someone uses your card without your permission. But there are also some things that you should do to shop safely. Especially in a heavily promoted shopping event like Black Friday Sale with many promo codes.

Here are some tips to shop safely online shopping during the off-season.

1. Use easy, safe, and fast identification to shop safely

In European countries, banks are now required to ask for additional identification documents to identify your identity when you pay online. This ensures that the payment is made by you and not from the crook. This is usually a text message or a box that pops up on the website you’re purchasing from asking for permission or a verification code.

Use easy, safe, and fast identification to shop safely
Use easy, safe, and fast identification to shop safely

If that’s an option, set up more stringent security practices. Like a fingerprint or facial recognition on your phone and in your banking apps. This will give you a quick, easy and secure way to pay online.

2. Look at the letter “s”

When paying online, check the URL to make sure it starts with “https://” – the ‘s’ at the end indicates a secure connection.

Also, check that the name of the site is free of typos or strange characters.

3. Turn on trading alerts to shop safely

Sign up for transaction alerts to know when your account is used for purchases. Immediately notify your bank if you discover unusual payments that you have not made. However, Visa is not legally responsible and has the policy to help you get your money back if a crook has used your card.

4. Understanding chargeback

Chargebacks also referred to as disputes, are a way for your bank to get money back from the retailer’s bank. This happens when you do not receive good goods or services that you purchased with a debit or credit card. Even if the retailer has gone out of business.

Chargeback is not a legal right nor is it guaranteed. However, it would be better if you knew there was this option.

Understanding chargeback
Understanding chargeback

5. Beware of scams

Beware of suspicious emails or calls. They might be trying to steal your personal information, account number, username, and password. If in doubt, don’t click on any links or download files.

6. Use “tokens” and one-click service for safe and easy payment to shop safely

When you sign your card into your phone or certain apps, your card data is usually encrypted. This means your card details won’t be stored, making them more secure.

In some places, you can use the one-click payment feature. That is, you just need to set up, and prove you are the card owner. And then be able to shop safely online easily without entering your card details every time you make a purchase.

7. Update system and application software

Install the latest software on your computer, tablet, or phone. Because updating your software will give you better protection from security holes.

Save these 7 tips before heading into the Black Friday shopping festival to protect your personal data cash. And don’t forget to get discount codes from many brands on during the upcoming big sale of the year: Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday Sale.

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