7 Tips for Successful Online Time and Attendance Software Implementation

Implementing online time and attendance software can help ensure your business runs smoother than ever before. It can be a way to simplify your business and help your team stay on track with tasks. One of the significant benefits of using this software is that you can compare how much you make a day to labor costs. This can help you make some tricky financial decisions if needed.

We know it can be hard to implement new software, and it can be challenging to get an entire team on board. We have come up with a few helpful tips that will make it easier to implement new online time clock software. The most important thing is to evaluate your team and find an approach that works best for your business.

Time clock and payroll software can allow you to schedule your team easily and leave no room for confusion about who is working when. They can request time off quickly, and you can see every alert for sick leave, early punch in’s and outs, overtime pay, and more. We know switching to something new can be scary, but having a time tracking solution available to do all the heavy lifting will help you feel more accomplished as a business owner.

Our Best 7 Tips for Your Business

Only you will know the best way to run and manage your business. These are just the tips we like to recommend when you are implementing new time tracking software. Online time and attendance software can have many positive benefits on your business and even team morale.

Team Meeting – Before you choose your online timecard system host a meeting for the managers. Go over the pros and cons of implementing new software and get their suggestions. This will help the team morale when you let managers help make essential decisions and assist in implementing the new software.

Training – When you first get the employee timesheet software, get enough training to teach your managers how to use it. Host training sessions, and show the managers what they need to look for and do. Ensure that they are comfortable working with the system. Once that is all set, be sure the rest of your team knows how to punch in, punch out, and request time off. If you have any remote employees, be sure to send them this information over email to access any training videos needed for the new software.

Schedule – Move your existing schedule and hours worked by employees to the software first thing. Letting your employees see how many hours they already have in the new job clock and see how accurate the new software is can boost a team’s excitement about the new tool.

Set It Correctly – When you first get the system, make sure it is set up precisely for your business’s needs. Be sure to set the reports for what you want to look at, and ensure your managers know how to set the system. This will help you use online time and attendance software much more efficiently.

Leave Someone In Charge – If one of your team members has a real knack for using new software, is organized, and can make the entire system run smoothly then leave them in charge of running the online time and attendance software. This can take a lot off your plate, and someone enthusiastic about this change will spread the good vibes to the other team members.

Reward Method – To ensure everyone starts using the system, reward those who do. It can be challenging making the switch, people may forget to punch in and out, or they may not remember the clock is keeping accurate track over their breaks. To get everyone on board, find a way to treat those who are doing an excellent job using the new software.

Focus on The Positive – Even if it may be challenging to implement new software, there are always reasons you and the team decided to make the switch. Focus on all of the benefits of the new software, and your team will too.

Make the Switch to Online Time and Attendance Software

When you decide to implement new software, ask your team of managers what they think and gather tips on how to get the rest of the team on board. There can be good ways to implement new software without causing your business too much stress. This new software can be a great way to boost your business success.

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