7 Ways Cardboard boxes and Packaging Has Changed the World

Cardboard boxes are more amazing than you think. It comes in many forms and plays an important role in keeping our lives clean and tidy, helps keep food fresh and our products safe, and can be reused and mixed again in interesting ways that make life easier. In addition.


First, little background information: The first recorded use of a cardboard box was documented in 1817 and, interestingly, used in cardboard boxes and board game. The material was improved in the 1870s with custom cardboard boxes and a paper sandwich consisting of two heavy flat sheets with a serrated fabric in the center for the safe supply of crockery and other items. Fragile — and the rest, as they say, is history. Today, about 80% of products in the United States are packaged in boxes. The hardness of the material holds the objects in place and acts as a cushion. Therefore, manufacturers of high-tech, high-quality products often use them to protect their products from damage.

2. Keep your food safe and fresh.

Approximately 60% of the cardboard material produced each year is used for food packaging, where it is often used to store fruit juices, other beverages, chocolate, and dried and frozen foods. For example, cereal products were the first products stored in paper containers. The inclusion of dried grains in a box prolongs its shelf life, makes it more attractive and appealing to consumers, and facilitates storage and delivery. Corrugated packaging also ensures the safety of fresh food. Researchers contaminated corrugated sheets and plastic containers with bacteria in one study and then wrapped them in sterilized peaches. After 48 hours, 95% of the peaches in the plastic containers were caught by bacteria. Pollution never exceeds 25%.

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3. MANJOLIO’s freight revolution changed.

Because cardboard is easy, durable, and economical to manufacture, it drastically reduces shipping costs and gives consumers better access to products without leaving home or paying shipping costs. In addition, the cardboard box is easy to assemble, disassemble and close. In the 20th century, heavy wooden boxes were used to deliver the goods, which led to the immediate delivery of fewer goods. Therefore, cardboard packaging is also good for the industry.

4. IT reduces waste.

Cardboard can be recycled from cat houses and magazine racks to become fun insurance and bird fat in many cases. This is why it is so popular among companies that supply their products. Once you have finished using the cardboard boxes, you can easily recycle them.


At least one nonprofit organization has created temporary cardboard covers. Buildings are intended as a short-term solution until the beneficiaries can move to a more permanent residence, but in case of bad weather, this is important. These shelters can also be used in an emergency where help is needed.


Most agree that disassembling and disassembling a box is an exciting experience. Why? Because gift boxes take a long time to open, they create intrigue and fear. This basic concept has also changed the field of marketing and advertising. Cardboard makes it easy to print company logos, attractive graphics, and product information on cardboard packaging. For many consumers, good packaging design not only protects their products, but well-designed brands also set them apart from their competitors.


A cardboard box is a spaceship, a submarine, or a race car that runs to the finish line for a child. Studies have shown that when children play and interact with objects such as boxes, it stimulates their physical sensations and makes them doubt and think more creatively.

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