8 Creative Ways To Use Washi Tape In The Classroom

It’s no secret that washi tape comes in an almost infinite variety of colors, patterns, and styles—so it seems like it would be easy to run out of ideas on how to use this super-fun office supply! But these 8 creative ways to use washi tape in the classroom prove that you really can come up with something new every day. And if you’re stumped, don’t worry—all of these projects are pretty simple, even if they look impressive! Plus, if you’re looking for more washi tape inspiration, there are countless more ideas on Pinterest!

1) Label Everything

Printing your own washi tape is a cost-effective way of adding a little more personality to your classroom. Plus, it’s easy with today’s technology and can be done at home. Here are some tips on how you can print your own washi tape!

1. Print out shapes on cardstock paper, then cut them out and adhere them onto the washi tape for an extra design element! You can get creative by making alphabet letters or shapes like stars or circles.

2. Place printed designs on top of each other for a 3D look! This is perfect for words that are tall, like numbers or large letters (e.g., A, B). This is also great if you want to do something simple but elegant with one color.

2) Create A Calendar

Print your own washi tape is a creative way for teachers to customize their calendars. The tutorial is easy and only takes about an hour.

1) Gather your supplies-paint, paintbrushes, washi tape, acrylic sealer.

2) Paint a stripe of color on one side of the paper 3) Cut strips of washi tape (you’ll need 2 pieces per day).

4) Line up your days and add a strip of washi tape at each mark.

5) Seal with acrylic sealer or Mod Podge.

3) Make Your Own Flashcards

I found some great washi tape ideas for teachers on Pinterest! Here are 8 ways teachers use washi tape in their classrooms:

1. To decorate bulletin boards

2. To label folders and bookshelves

3. To make bookmarks out of index cards and washi tape

4. To color code a classroom

5. For making name tags

6. As a way to display student work

7. As a way to mark off attendance without using numbers or names

8. For decorating invitations, announcements, or food labels

4) Decorate Your Whiteboard

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add a bit of personality to your whiteboard, try using washi tape! The best thing about this trick is that it’s super inexpensive and can be done with any color. To get started, simply apply a strip of washi tape across the top of your board so that it extends over the edge by about one inch or so. Then, use another strip horizontally across the bottom of your board so that it also extends over the edge by about one inch. Once you’ve added these two strips, all you need to do is cut them into little pieces (approximately 2 inches by 2 inches). Now, just peel off each piece and stick it wherever you want on your board! It’s really that simple!

5) Organize Your Materials

With so many awesome colors and patterns, it’s hard not to buy a variety of washi tape. But sometimes, it can be hard to find good ways to use the tape without just sitting on a shelf or in your craft drawer. If you’re at a loss for what to do with that stash of Japanese paper goodness, here are some creative uses for washi tape from teachers!

1. A Quick Labeling Hack – print your own washi tape and have students label everything from bookshelves and containers, to desks and binders with their name or what materials are stored inside. You could also cut words out of old books that can serve as labels when they’re laminated too. These make a great decoration in the classroom as well.

2. Create an easily movable clean desk sign: Cut pieces of washi tape into smaller strips (around 2-3 inches long) and place them sticky side up all over the top of your desk or table. When there is no space left, clean up all papers and erase white boards etc., until there is only one piece left—which becomes a quick reminder to keep your workspace neat!

Continuation (six+ sentences using the words: sticky side up): When printing your own washi tape, make sure that it is printed in reverse order so when you peel off one piece, another sticks behind it leaving little residue behind which will result in cleaner surfaces for longer periods of time.

6) Jazz Up Your Worksheets

No matter what grade level you teach, you probably have a lot of worksheets. But does your class need a little jazzing up? Try these 8 creative ways to use washi tape in the classroom.

1) Add stripes of washi tape around your paperclip holder for an added punch.

2) Frame your bulletin board with strips of washi tape on either side and make sure it’s sticky enough that you can take them down and reuse them later.

3) Stick strips of washi tape onto your whiteboard for easy erasing–no more mess!

4) Put stickers on one side of an index card and then cover them with a strip of washi tape so they won’t fall off when students are using them.

7) Brighten Up Your Classroom

To help students be more engaged and excited about learning, teachers can use washi tape to create a fun, colorful environment. For example, by sticking washi tape on the outside of classroom windows, you can make it look like it’s snowing inside. Another idea is to cut out shapes from different colors of washi tape and attach them all around a room or hallway with string or yarn. The kids will love walking through a rainbow! If you’re feeling really creative, have each student create their own design for one side of an easel. When they finish, hang it up so everyone can admire their work!

8) Make Learning Fun!

Washi tape is a fantastic tool for making learning more engaging and fun. The key is finding ways to use it that are meaningful, creative and not too hard on your wallet. Here are 8 ideas that are great for teachers:

1) Make mini-books by cutting sheets of paper into strips and attaching them together with washi tape. Kids can illustrate as they go or you can pre-draw images for them. It’s a great project for helping kids learn how to write! You can also laminate the pages so they last longer. Check out this post for easy instructions on how to make these simple books without laminating!

2) Encourage students to think about what makes them happy by sticking dots representing things like family, school and friends all over their notebooks using washi tape. They could even categorize each dot using different colors or patterns of washi tape (categories could be pets, friends at school, etc.). After filling up their notebook page with dots, ask students to create a list of 10 things that make them happy and share with the class. It’s always good to have some positive energy in the classroom!