A simple guide to writing a statement of purpose


A statement of purpose is a critical piece that is written to the admission channel focusing on the career path, interests, professional contribution, goals and the motivations for the pursuit of a particular course. Statement of purpose is also known as the letter of intent or a research statement. Purpose is often submitted as an essay and is the most important part of the application as it provides information critical for deciding admission in your preferred institution. Fundamental in informing the admissions committee about who you are, academic goals, bsn paper professional interests and the value you will contribute to the program you’re applying to. Student, with an opportunity to tell your story and inform the admissions faculty why you merit a chance as part of the university. It is therefore a means of impressing the committee through a description of personality traits that are not evident in the academic documents.

Written a grad school resume

After choosing a graduate program and already conducted adequate research on applying for graduate school and written a grad school resume, it is now time to address what most students consider as a daunting task- statement of purpose. The task may feel overwhelming but it is very easy with the correct guidance. This piece will provide you with an effective guide to writing a strong and unique statement of purpose that will merit your admission into your dream college.

How to write an outstanding statement of purpose

A well written statement of purpose will leave a lasting impression. It is the perfect opportunity for an applicant student to highlight their exceptional characteristics, background and skills. An outstanding statement of purpose will allow the admissions professionals to have an understanding of your qualifications as an ideal candidate for the graduate program you are applying for.  Writing an outstanding statement will therefore involve focusing on your contributions to the classroom, the program and the university community. The student should discuss the experiences in their background that have had an influence in the choice of the career path.

The statement of purpose is the only subjective part of the application and must therefore prove that you possess unique qualities that sets you apart from the crowd. The essay must provide information on your rationale for applying to a graduate program and will act as a bridge to the past and future academics of the student. One must have a clear understanding of the academic journey to deliver an effective paper. The candidate can therefore create a strong reasoning for their application to the specific course and must ensure they create an original story that highlights the past and possible future.

Structure of the SOP

Most learning institutions have a standard format for writing a statement of purpose. However, based on the choice of the course, the template may be a bit different. Therefore, a student should ensure they conduct adequate research of SOP. However, each SOP must be unique and the guideline provided below will allow each student to decipher the structure for easy drafting.

A statement of purpose should be between 500 and 1000 words and should be Capstone Writing Service in a formal format. Traditional font is recommended with a font size of 12pt and enough white space for the margins to make the SOP easy to read. The student should ensure all the guidelines provided by the university on the same are followed to the later to guarantee it is acceptable.

Similar to other essays, the SOP should have an introduction, body and a conclusion. The introduction should be attention grabbing and provide information about yourself and background in relation to the motivations for applying to the program. The body should then provide information of the experience and accomplishments in your past that are related to the career choice. You should also provide information on the career goals that are related to field you have chosen and the reasons for your interest in the learning institution. The body should also explain why you are a valuable addition to the class and school community as a whole. Finally, a conclusion should be provided summarizing the information provided and reinstating the reasons why you are fit for admission into the program.

Details of the SOP

  • Introduction

The introduction should begin the essay and contains an anecdote of the inspirations for applying to the specific course.  You should provide a specific incidence or circumstance that provided you with the motivation for selecting the program. The effectiveness of the essay will improve if the account provided occurred in the recent past. The incident provided should be directly related to the program to effectively showcase in the course.  Therefore, you can provide information on a recent project that you undertook that is within the scope of the program.

  • Body

You should provide detailed information on your academic achievements mentioning the subjects that you feel are your greatest strengths. Further, you should include information on the projects you have undertaken including their timelines and the learning experiences they provided. This should also include any interactions associated with the course.  You must also provide information on your professional experience if it relevant.

The information provided should be substantial. Some of the questions you should answer in this area include:

  • What skills are you enhancing through this course?
  • How will the skills assist you to achieve your goals?
  • What are your career goals? (This a very critical part of your essay).

This section shows your focus on the career and showcases your planning. The information provided should be very specific and should provide information on your short-term goals (0-5) years and long-term goals (10-15yrs) after completion of your course. The paragraph should end with information on how the course will help you achieve this goals.

  • Why the university/college?
  • Extracurricular activities?

Tips on how to write an outstanding SOP

  • Keep the word limit
  • Only provide quality information
  • Use proper language
  • Edit thoroughly
  • Be honest
  • Ensure you state that the institution was your first choice