A South Coast Kiama Vacation Itinerary

Are you thinking of planning your next trip to the coast side? Well then, South Coast Kiama is the perfect vacation destination for you.

It is not just limited to the picturesque seaside views but also offers forests, waterfalls, hiking trails, and jagged cliffs. Besides, it is historically rich and home to unique cultures, wildlife, art, and food. It is an all-in-one destination with something for everyone in the family.

Moreover, you will find the most tranquil luxury south coast accommodation alongside the coast. Match your accommodation with your do-to list, and you have the perfect memorable vacation.

Top 10 Things to do at South Coast Kiama

1. The Blowhole at Kiama

When at Kiama, you cannot miss the water sprouting natural rock formations – the blowholes. They are the most famous sights, located among the magnificent hills and beaches. While here, you can even visit the Kiama Lighthouse.

2. Hiking the Kiama Coast

The Kiama coast walk is a 3-phase journey, stretching over 22 km, filled with the beach’s natural beauty. It is a must for travellers with a knack for hiking. You can cover different spots and places throughout the Kiama Coast hike.

3. Beaches at Kiama

The South coast has plenty of beaches – from the popular ones to hidden gems. You’ll be able to cover most during the Kiama hike. Besides, the best beaches to visit include – Werri, Bombo, Surf beach, and Seven-mile beach.

4. Whale Watching at Kiama

Kiama is home to many unique fauna species and is especially famous for its whale-watching platforms. July and August are the finest months to spot whales at the Gerringong and Minnamurra platforms.

5. Sunrise at the Beach

While at the coast, you can never miss a sunrise or sunset. Turn to the Kiama Cathedral Rocks at Jones Beach for a sunrise experience like no other. Bombo beach is a great spot too to catch the sunrise amidst crashing waves.

6. The Minnamurra Rainforest and Falls

Dive into the forests at Minnamurra for a serenely beautiful journey. It is a perfect hiking destination too. Moreover, you’ll come across a wide variety of birds unique to the region.

7. Historical Tour of the Town

After you’re done with the beaches, it’s time to take a town tour and delve into the rich cultural history of the place. Kiama is a treasure with indigenous art, culture, and heritage buildings.

8. Art at Kiama

Also, Kiama is an art centre with ancient sculptures and modern graffiti. The place is gradually growing in terms of art, becoming more colourful with incredible murals and paintings around the city.

9. Cliff Watching

Get a glimpse of the town at the coastal cliffs. You can find these scenes from the Minnamurra lookout, Mount Pleasant, Hinterland, Jamberoo Lookout, and so on. Undoubtedly, the view is one to remember.

10. Food and Drink

Find crispy fish and chips at the harbour, a local delicacy. You can even go for the famous pale ale tasting at local breweries like the one at Gerringong.

Finishing Up

With its sparkling beaches, high cliffs, waterfalls, rich forests, and bubbling town – South Coast Kiama is your next travel destination.

If you’re planning to visit the south coast, it is best to keep it from June to July or September to November. This is the best time when flora and fauna thrive to add to your trip’s goodness.Add it with luxury south coast accommodation, and you have the best trip idea. So, are you done with your South Coast vacation itinerary?