Add A Touch Of Nature To Your Bathroom With Stone Tiles for Shower Walls

If you’re looking to add a touch of nature to your bathroom, natural stone tiles should be your ultimate choice. Natural stone wall tiles can add an interesting touch to any bathroom design. It helps in creating a relaxing atmosphere while you shower or bathe. Natural stone shower walls come in numerous styles. They come in various combinations of shapes, sizes, and finishes. 

Natural stone is one of the most fascinating materials to have in your home. It can be used to make a wall, a bathroom, or a shower. This blog will look at some of the most popular uses for natural stone in today’s homes. These are some beautiful and unique uses for natural stone.

Considerations Before Starting The Project

Before you start thinking about color or pattern options, you will want to consider your budget and space. Stone tiles have a natural look that can give any bathroom a relaxing ambiance, but they can also be pricey. You will need to measure the size and length of your shower wall to know how much tile you need as well as your budget.

Once you figure out how many tiles you need, choose from a wide variety of natural stone wall tiles such as travertine and marble tiling. These materials offer different price points so there is something for every price range. Travertine is most often used for modern bathrooms, while marble tiles are better suited for more traditional spaces. 

For a natural yet sophisticated aesthetic, blend these materials on the same wall using different colors and patterns. Natural stone wall tiles are not only beautiful but practical too since it is easier to clean than regular tile surfaces

How To Choose Stone Tiles

Shopping around can make it difficult to decide on stone tiles that will create the look you want. Stone bathroom wall tiles come in a wide variety of materials and styles, so it’s best to start by choosing your favorite type. Take a look at these options: 

Formica: This is a laminate material that imitates natural stone tile and comes in a broad range of colors, making it perfect for creating an updated vintage feel. Stone: Stone is one-of-a-kind and therefore lends itself well to creating a unique space design. Stone shower wall tiles are typically more costly but last far longer than the alternatives. 

Formica stone tiles are cheaper, but they do not offer the same durability or longevity. Stone bathroom wall tiles also offer greater versatility because they come in various textures like brushed, polished, and honed finishes.

The Best Stone Tile For Bathroom

When picking out the type of stone that you want in your bathroom it’s important to consider some key factors like cost, availability, and look. If you want a natural stone look but can’t afford marble, then quartz or slate tiles are a perfect option. 

Quartz and slate tiles are available in a range of sizes including large formats so they can create dramatic stone wall features that would be difficult to achieve with smaller formats. Stone look tiles for walls are also durable and will last the lifetime of any home.

Stone Tile Styles

Marble tiles, a favorite stone tile for bathrooms and showers, come in a variety of colors. Golden Valley Marble Tile Company’s Boulder-White is known as the polar bear marble color. Other popular colors include Platinum, Onyx Blue, and Citron Pearl. 

Luxury Designer Surfaces’ sandstone shower wall tile comes in designer finishes. It can be used for any area where you want the look and feel of natural stone without the high price tag! Install your bathroom stone wall tiles with care because you do not want to end up ripping up your gorgeous new design! One way to do this is by running your fingers along all four edges before installing. Make sure there are no sharp ridges that might cause damage if hit just right.

How To Install Stone Tiles

Use stone tiles for walls in your shower. These stone tiles can be cut to any size you want and are very sturdy. Tile installation is easy and requires glue, mortar, some tiling knives, a set of tile nippers, and a thin saw. Lay the stone tiles out on the floor where they will go so that you know what you’re working with. 

Before beginning, the installation process prepares the area by using an electric sander to remove any wax buildup. You can also use an old grout that has been used previously, then prepare it by wetting it down thoroughly with water before applying mortar or grout sealant.

How To Use Natural Stone Tiles on Bathroom And Shower Walls

You can use stone tiles for shower walls by installing them in a pattern that mimics natural stone. When you take this route, you have many color and size choices. Get creative with your design or stick with something conservative. There are also many ways that you can install your stone tiles for walls, so let’s break down each one below -Install the natural stone wall tiles vertically, which will make it easier for your mortar joints to blend into the wall’s grout lines. 

Use adhesive instead of mastic because it is less messy when installed. Be sure not to create an uneven surface as it will be noticeable from inside and outside of your bathroom. If there is an odd space between stones wait for it to dry before filling it with a grout mix. Install natural stone wall tiles horizontally and tie them together without gaps. Create patterns using vertical or horizontal rows of different colors, sizes or textures. Arrange stones in rectangular shapes like bricks on any part of your wall.

Benefits And Limitations Of A Natural Stone Look

Bathroom stone wall tiles or natural stone wall tiles can add a touch of nature and elegance to your home, especially in the bathroom. However, if you have tiled floors, it is important to note that grout lines will be visible when using these materials. Furthermore, as natural stones are porous, water splashes and moisture may cause stains if not adequately maintained. 

The benefits include stone tile prices that can vary from $6 to $40 per square foot whereas porcelain tile is about $5-$10 per square foot. The porcelain tiles can eventually chip and crack. Stones come in a wide range of colors and textures versus limited color options. This style complements any type of décor from modern to rustic. Furthermore, natural stone wall tiles provide a comfortable environment by keeping bathrooms cool in summer and warm in winter while they help absorb excess humidity. In summary, natural stone wall tiles offer aesthetics, durability, and comfort at an affordable price point.


Combine the beauty and simplicity of natural stone look tiles for shower walls or bathroom wall tiles with a waterfall shower head (for example). You can create a serene, beautiful bath space that invokes relaxation and calm. Choose from natural stones such as marble, slate, or limestone.

These are soothing in design and add color variations to an all-white bathroom (whether it’s stone look tiles or not) that your guests will love. These also make great hostess gifts. When buying new stone bathroom wall tiles, consider getting something extra to decorate your own home as well. Think of them when you see anything they might like: pottery, lighting fixtures, artwork. These touches make wonderful housewarming presents!