After-sale watch – watch maintenance skills


1. It is best to place a desiccant in the place where the watch is placed, but avoid the use of chemicals such as mothballs and insect repellants.

3. Leather strap: Do not touch the water as much as possible. Compared with the metal strap, the animal-cooked leather strap will have more damage to the animal-cooked leather strap due to sweat and nutrients. , please dry it as soon as possible with a soft, absorbent cloth. Nike Discount Code NHS

What is Watch Photography

.The unique and ingenious performance and depiction of advertising photography depend to a large extent on the use of light.


 Watch photography belongs to a small branch of commercial advertising photography. Watch photography is an important means to spread watch information and promote commodity circulation. In recent years, watch photography has developed continuously with the growth of the domestic watch industry.

Green orange photography


1. How to use light and shadow techniques in watch photography:

There are also many styles of light and shadow techniques for watch photography, but they are not named.

To master product photography, you must learn to analyze, summarize and classify. Product photography first considers the structure and material of the product. The light and shadow techniques of watch photography are divided into two major categories: details and the whole.

 The gradient direction of its light in the 2nd photo is – high light (no gradient), tough black. Currys Discount Code NHS

Why use such a method to express the metallic feeling of the watch? 

The core question here is what metallic feeling is, and that kind of metallic feeling is strong.

This leads watch photography into another “gotcha”. Aesthetics, what is beauty, “beauty” is nothing more than the “illusion” of people’s wishful thinking about things. Watch photography is a part of commercial photography, so it relies on “mainstream”.

The official picture style of Rolex is basically the mainstream of today’s watch photography techniques. Maybe it’s a “wrong” message to your brain. (According to this, the most advanced watch photography is to shoot directly in the real environment without lighting. The boss promises not to kill you. The pictures are flat, and the objects we observe are basically dynamic, which will have “errors” and “Information.) Watch photography also shows the shape and integrity of the watch material.

3 When it comes to watching photography, I have to mention a “person” – “Someone”  His films are really great. The texture and creativity are amazing. (I have deep respect for him.)