14 Air Conditioner Problems & Their Solution

Air Conditioner is the best solution for those who are tired of the calefaction of weather. By actively eliminating heat and moisture from the air, an air conditioner actually creates cool air within your home or another enclosed place. It moves the unwelcome heat and moisture outside while returning the chilled air to the interior space. A normal air conditioning system or cooling unit comprises three primary mechanical parts that are: 

  1. Compressor
  2. Condenser Coil
  3. Evaporator Coil

It employs a specific chemical called refrigerant. Together, these parts enable fast conversion of the coolant from air to water.

How Air Conditioner Works?

The refrigerant gas is compressed and heated by the compressor before being sent to the condenser coil, where it is transformed into a liquid. The refrigerant then returns to the building and reaches the evaporator coil. The indoor coil cools here as the liquid refrigerant evaporatively condenses. The cold evaporator coil, where the heat from within the house is condensed into the refrigerant, is blasted with interior air by a fan. The hot evaporated gas is then delivered back out to the compressor while the cooled air is circulated around the house. The refrigerant then recovers to a liquid condition, dissipating the heat into the ambient air. Up until the required temperature is reached in your home, this cycle is repeated.

What Happens if Air Conditioner does not work Proper?

Following are the problems people may face while using air conditioners:

  1. The water may leak. There are two situations here: The water can leak inside the house and also outside the house.
  2. Air Conditioner Refrigerant can also leak. Your air conditioner will not cool the rooms properly in this condition. Here you can also try to detect the leak at home but it is not that easy.
  3. One of the issues people face is the Dirty Air Filter, in this situation, your air conditioner’s airflow clogs up.
  4. The issue can also be related to your AC compressor failure or weak HVAC airflow, this happens when the compressor of your air conditioner is damaged.
  5. If your Evaporator coil freezes, this can also fail to cool from the air conditioner, in this situation, the refrigerant becomes too cold. This can be fixed by cleaning AC coils.
  6. If your Air conditioning turns on and turns off often suddenly, with a sound, this happens when your capacitor has an issue. This is because when the weather is too hot, the capacitor has to work hard to cool the room.
  7. If the thermostat is not functioning properly, in this condition your time-lapse of cooling becomes shorter and the environment feels hotter than it is normally.
  8. If your AC is making noise then it can be a problem due to the failure of the motor and compressor. This issue should never be ignored, and you should contact an HVAC professional as soon as possible.
  9.  If your circuit breaker is tripping again and again it can be due to a surge of power, capacitor problems, clogged coils, lesser coolant levels, failure of the compressor, and problems with the circuit breaker.
  10. Mold can also grow in the air conditioner and it will cause it to produce an irritating smell. If the smell is fire-like, it is because of the components burning inside it. Gas leakage smell can also be produced if there is any gas leakage present. If you feel a rotten egg smell it may be due to some birds dying inside your system. In these cases, you should urgently clean your AC.
  11. If you have a ducting air conditioner, then the ducts may leak causing another problem in the air conditioner’s working. The leaking holes can suck dust from the surroundings and affect the functioning of the AC.
  12. Electric Control Failure can also occur if you are used to turning on and off your air conditioner very often. It causes the fan and the compressor of the system to wear out. All the components of AC are connected. The disruption and corrosion in any one component disrupt the path and restrict us from turning on the AC.
  13. AC fan failure occurs when the AC that is located outside the air conditioner does not work properly. Its function is to transfer heat outside the system. If this is not working, the system will overheat and the AC won’t work properly and it may cause problems in internal components as well. If the fans are not starting perhaps the issue is with the wiring of the AC.
  14.  If the fan is not able to push enough amount of air due to many reasons which may be a clogged air filter or problematic blower motor, it causes weak airflow. In this case, you may observe a pressure imbalance meant or a problem with HVAC airflow.

Air Conditioner Repairing:

All the above problems faced in Air Conditioners are really problematic and need repairing as soon as possible. You can fix some of these problems at home, but they may be risky. It is important to get your AC checked and repaired by a professional who can do the task perfectly. Wherever you live let’s consider you live in Dubai You can go to any website and choose the best ac repair in Dubai to renovate your air conditioner and make it work properly as it is new.

Is it worth it to repair an air conditioner?

 You should definitely think about repairing your AC unit if it keeps breaking down, never effectively cools the house, and is continually functioning loudly. If fundamental parts such as the compressor or condenser malfunction, you can go for repair. You don’t need to think about replacing the AC when there are professionals who can fix 80% of the issues in your air conditioner.

What is the life span of an air conditioner?

Normally the life span of an air conditioner is 15 to 20 years. While every unit is unique and every house owner has a different idea about when their core air conditioner is irreparably damaged, it’s reasonable to say that, with the right repair and maintenance, you can expect a new highly efficient air conditioning system to provide you with 15 or maybe 20 years of cooling.

How much does it cost to repair an Air Conditioner?

The cost and prices of the repairing of your AC totally depend upon the type of issue you are facing in it. As compared to the market cost, Many Repairing Services offers a very affordable amount to repair and renovate your Air conditioners as per the issue you are facing.


Air Conditioner is a machine and machines sometimes do not work properly. They may need some care and someone who can fix their problems. You may have read all the problems and details about the issues an air conditioner may face. If you are a person who knows much about Air Conditioners, you can choose to fix it at home. But this is a risky case as the problem may be bigger than what you are thinking. In such cases, you should choose a professional person to take care of it. It will elongate the life span of the AC and will also help in better cooling.