All you need to know about butterfly jewellery trend

Midi dresses, cardigans, chunky headbands, and eye-catching clips are some of the 90s fashion styles that are still popular today. The upcoming major 90s design trend? Butterfly jewellery.

Butterfly jewellery embodies the vivid hues, free-spiritedness, and evolving style of the 1990s in a similar way to other 90s accessories. Butterfly jewellery is one of the newest and best examples of how nostalgia has revived numerous 90s fashion trends. Butterfly jewellery is still at the top of the list of trends for 2023, but famous people like Dua Lipa, Megan Markle, and Mariah Carey have already been observed donning it. For more information on the butterfly jewellery fashion and styling ideas, keep reading!

The Butterfly Trend: When Did It Begin?

One of the most widely used designs in the fashion business for a very long time is the butterfly. They have come and gone over the years, finding many various ways to express themselves. 

Early in the 1990s, butterfly-inspired platform shoes, graphic t-shirts, belt buckles, and hair clips began to appear on the catwalk. This fad peaked in the late 1990s and was distinguished by vibrant patterns and sparkling themes. The butterfly fashion was not initially just limited to jewellery. The iconic beaded butterfly top that Mariah Carey wore to her appearance at VH1’s Divas 2000: A Tribute to Diana Ross is credited with popularising the butterfly trend. 

What Do Butterflies on Jewelry Mean?

The butterfly has many meanings in our society, including rebirth, creativity, joy, change, and metamorphosis. It is understandable why this feathered creature has repeatedly become a well-liked symbol during periods of significant political and societal change.

Your personal wardrobe can be given fresh life by adding butterfly jewellery. It will accentuate the polished femininity and the free-spiritedness. A wonderful gift for anyone starting a new chapter in their life is butterfly jewellery.

Will butterfly jewellery be fashionable in 2023?

Yes! Butterfly apparel and accessories have firmly established themselves in the world of high fashion in 2022, appearing on the runways and Spring/Summer 2022 collections and so they can be expected to have the same effect this year as well. 

The present ode to the butterfly may be a result of our culture’s symbolic reawakening following the pandemic lockdown of 2020. Our society longs for change on all levels—physically, psychologically, and stylistically—and for new sources of freedom and hope.

How to Style Butterfly Jewelry and Accessories

Many people fear that wearing jewellery with butterflies will make them seem childish. There are many ways to wear butterfly accessories in a sophisticated, fashion-forward manner, despite the fact that they are sometimes associated with youth. These accessories might be equally distinctive and classic as the user.

Here are a few amazing instances:

Delicate Butterfly Necklace

Simple butterfly pendants can be worn alone or with other items to create an elegant, layered appearance, as seen with the delicated Butterfly necklace.

Drop Earrings

Crystal drop earrings create a beautiful stacked look that is both alluring and classic. For a summer wedding or garden celebration, white butterfly earrings are the ideal adornment.

Butterfly earrings made of gold

Although they are tiny, these gold earrings are powerful. A touch of sophistication will be added to any ensemble thanks to the elaborate wing features that give it dimension.

Stylish Bracelet

The striking, handcrafted butterfly on a18k bracelet is encrusted with stunning white diamonds. It is supported by a delicate chain that bears the creator of the house’s initials. This item stands alone as evidence that butterfly jewellery doesn’t have to be plain.

Butterfly Statement Ring

Three delicate butterfly motifs are encased in 14k white diamonds on the statement ring. A butterfly ring is a fantastic option if you’re looking for something that is both feminine and chic.

Necklace with twin butterfly charms

The two butterfly silhouettes on this necklace from Albert’s Collections, one in sterling silver and the other in yellow gold, combine to create a fun, three-dimensional accent piece. 

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