An Escape from the Destruction

Historical fiction novels help you to relate the past with the present world. Historical novels don’t just tell you what happened; they make you feel it. The writers create empathy for what other people went through in different times in a way that is discovered from your own political baggage.

Elaine Blair is an exceptional historical fiction writer. She is passionate about reading books and loves to be called a ‘book nerd’. Has written one of the best books about Auschwitz survivors and is a retired teacher and loves to read books. Moreover, she is also a travel freak. During one of her visits to Germany with her husband back in 2019, she was inspired to write a gem piece for the literary world.

She was inspired by life in Germany to the point that she wrote ‘Escape’. The history of Dresden and the details of how it was reduced to rubble awestruck Elaine. The beauty of Dresden inspired Elaine. She was shocked to see how a beautiful city was destroyed in just twenty-four hours.

It also shows the dreadful effects of technology and how it ruins nature, leaving traces of destruction everywhere. 80% of the town was destroyed in twenty-four hours by British and American aircraft. Dresden bombing Firestorm is one of the most known events in history. Over the years, the inhabitants have rebuilt their fairy-tale village.

Through Escape by Elaine Blair, she has shared facts about Germany that she learned while researching for this book. Her trip also helped her more in gathering facts about Germany. She attempted to employ all the knowledge and writing skills she had learned in elementary school.

It is often said when you are passionate about something, and you will do everything to make it a success. The same happened with Elaine; when she started writing this book, her passion took her to several places, events and people to which she connected. She was absorbed in the process and enjoyed her journey throughout.

It is not just enjoyment for readers but also a thrilling experience for the writers. They go through the journey along with the characters. Elaine loves writing historical fiction. She learned about new cultures and historical events and met many new people. After knowing and witnessing the dreadful events of the past, she believes that everyone should be kind to each other and should be less inclined towards wars and harming each other because, in the end, it is just the loss of humanity.

Her exceptional writing has made ‘Escape’ a masterpiece for the historical fiction genre. Her writing defines her love for the historical fiction genre and exploration. And has written one of the best books about Auschwitz.

She did thorough research on life in Dresden, their culture, people and many other things like. what referred to the white, green and red flares as ‘Christmas trees.’. And also read many historical history books. The planes dropped flares to assist bomber planes in determining where to drop their payload of bombs.

Throughout her life and education period, she never heard about Dresden city and the bomb attacks. Her trip to Dresden, the grand old buildings reminded her of Saxony history. The most shocking thing was that the structures were not original, but they had been renovated since 1945. She explored that Scaffolding remained in the place at Zwinger to complete renovating one western wing. This was the driving force for writing ‘Escape’.

Escape by Elaine Blair is the best Dresden Firestorm Books 2022 to tell the readers about the history of the beautiful city – how it was destroyed and restored by its people. Dresden is an architectural Phoenix that has been destroyed and is rising from the ashes. After WWII, the Soviet Union conquered eastern Germany, including Dresden. The highly effective Soviets cleaned the rubble-strewn streets and restored order in Dresden.

Elaine Blair’s book ‘Escape’ is a brilliant work that takes a complex, human view of the terrible side effects of war in her enthralling book, which will be remembered forever by the readers. Get this book now from the website, or you can order from Amazon!