An Ultimate Guide to Leather Milk Healing Balm

As we know, leather is the most widely used material in today’s time, right? 

In such a situation, a very common question people often ask us is, “which product is best for the care and maintenance of their leather goods”?

Well, we always suggest they opt for Chamberlain’s leather milk healing balm. It is specially made to protect and soften the leather products so that they will look new and nice for many upcoming years. Whether your leather products have found scratches or scars, you can use this balm to give it a completely new and classy look. But remember that this balm only works when the color of these scratches and cracks is lighter than your leather. And if it is not so, then you need to use a complete leather repair kit.

You can also use this balm to restore the color of your leather that has faded due to the great exposure to sunlight and general wear & tear.

How to apply leather balm?

Step 1: Clean your leather

The first and foremost step for applying the leather balm is to clean all the dirt from your leather by using a leather cleaner. While cleaning, the pores of your leather will automatically open, making it easy for it to absorb the balm better.

Step 2: Polish your leather’s surface:

The second step is to rub the leather balm on your material in a circular motion and let it soak for 10 minutes. After it, take a clean cloth and buff your leather’s surface gently to ensure no excess balm is left on it.

Step 3: Apply leather protection cream:

After buffing, you will find your leather completely colorful. Now, if you want to safeguard it from fading and damaging in the upcoming future, then you can also apply leather protection cream on it.

There are a number of options available to you to apply leather balm on. Buy leather cord travellers, sofa set, jacket, and pair of shoes and use them without thinking much. Once these things begin to fade or damage, just apply this balm on them by following the above-mentioned steps and see a new change in your leather products. 

More for you 

Along with using the leather balm to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your leather items, it is also important to store them properly. Below, I am going to cover some of the main points that you need to take care of to give your leather products a long-lasting effect.

  • Keep your leather away from direct sunlight, which is the primary cause of fading.
  • Avoid using plastic bags as they block the way to proper ventilation.
  • Store your leather materials away from the machinery source of heat, like heaters, as it will make your leather dry and crack.

Remember that applying balm on your leather is no benefit if you can’t follow the above instructions.