Are Pavement Ants Dangerous? How to Get Rid of Them?

Ant infestation is the most familiar pest infestation around the globe. And among the more than 12000 known species of ants, pavement ants are the most common one. The name of pavement ants indicated that they are found on the pavement of doors, windows, and rooftops. You can witness these black color ants anywhere in the house, office, or other commercial places. The entrance of one ant can lead to the rise of the bulk of ants. The reason is that they can easily make their way to the food source and invite the other family members to that source. 

A massive infestation of pavement ants can lead to serious consequences. Therefore, it’s crucial to get rid of them immediately. The use of insecticide sprays or DIY projects is the common treatment to kill pavement ants, but hiring the services of professional pavement ant control in Surrey is the most effective choice. The reason is that professional ant exterminators are equipped with comprehensive knowledge of ants’ habits and habitats. Moreover, they also have the tools and chemicals to eliminate the ants. 

Consequences of pavement ants infestation and the way to avoid or get rid of these creepy creatures are listed here,

Dangers of Pavement Ant Infestation 

All types of ants contain biting behavior. And some types of ants also show stinging behavior. They induce poisonous liquid through their sting that causes swelling, rash, or in some cases, it proves to be fatal. However, some common dangers of pavement ants infestation are 

Property Damage: ants are habitual to make underground nests. Therefore, they dig up the walls, floor surfaces, and rooftops. Unlike termites, pavement ants do not eat the wood, but they use it for nesting purposes. Therefore they dig into the wooden furniture and make them hollow which leads to the destruction of the woody material of the buildings.  

Food Spoilage: pavement ants are very sensitive to the presence of food. Therefore, they can manage to reach the food by any means, and surround it from all sides. Moreover, ants also contain pathogens along their body and feet that cause food spoilage. 

Health Risks: unlike other pests, pavement ants do not directly damage the health of humans. But they cause the transmission of serious diseases to humans. The reason is that in search of food ants go through all types of dirt and debris. Therefore, they carry a lot of germs with them. And when they bite the food or humans they transmit those pathogens to them. And it results in diseases such as influenza, stomachache, diarrhea, shortness of breath, and many others. Moreover, the bite of pavement ants can also lead to an allergic reaction which can cause asthma or other respiratory or skin infections. 

Give birth to other Pests Infestation: in the natural food chain, one organism feeds on the other. Similarly, the pavement ants are also the source of many pests. Therefore, the massive infestation of pavement ants is an open invitation for other pests to come and feed on them. 

Disinfestation of Pavement Ants 

Regardless of the utmost care and preventive measures, pavement ants can make their way to the food source. However, immediate action can save your place from a massive infestation of ants. Some effective ways to tackle pavement ants infestation are:

Use of insecticides: various types of poisonous chemicals or insecticides are available in the market that can hinder the growth of the ants. And eliminate them from your place. Some high-quality insecticides also resist the re-infestation of ants. 

Use of Dust: in the case of pavement ants infestation the use of specks of dust is also effective. Clouds of dust are basically used in fields or gardens to eliminate pests from flowers or fruits. 

Hiring Professionals: hiring professional pest exterminators is always an effective and economic approach to the complete eradication of ants or any other types of pests. The experience, skills, and effective tools of the professionals not only ensure the elimination of pests but also guarantee the blockage of re-infestation of ants or insects.


Pavement ants seem like harmless creators, but their infestation can cost serious health, and property damages. Therefore, taking preventive measures to keep them away and hiring professionals to disinfestation of pavement ants is always a best practice to stay stress-free.