6 Biggest 2023 Bedroom Design Trends, According to Designers

When buying new furniture, it is difficult to find the right furniture made with all the latest trends, especially when it is brand new. The year 2023 will see even more new trends. So what’s in store? According to industry knowledge and client requests, here are some bedroom trends. You can expect more of these popular bedroom furnishings and space-saving styling ideas this year. 

You can achieve a coastal look with coral and blue tones or try something subtle like beige or cream. Try orange or yellow if you’re looking for something fun and fresh. Make your bedroom cozy and inviting by using blankets, pillows, and bedsheets. Add a touch of glamor with decorative lamps and floral arrangements, and your bedroom will be ready for anything. 

Whether you’re into neutral color palettes or coastal vibes, here are six bathroom decorating trends for 2023. 

The minimalist aesthetic

There are many minimalist bedroom designs, but these are some of the most popular ones. Minimalism is a new bedroom décor trend that is taking over the nation. If you’re looking for a minimalist bedroom, think about the following: 

  • An elegant bedroom with a white bed, black linens, and a simple black picture frame or mirror;
  • There are no electronics or other accessories on this high-end bed; it is made of wood;
  • To complement natural light sources, use color in your bedroom.
  • Use eclectic pieces around the house, such as an antique chair, brass lamp, or colorful rug. 

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A soft lighting effect

There will be a growing trend of soft lighting in bedroom decor in 2023. Soft lighting creates a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere that is perfect for couples looking to relax after a long day. Also, soft lighting makes a room appear larger than it is. Below are some tips for utilizing soft light in your bedroom:

  • Light boxes and chandeliers provide plenty of light without being too bright.
  • Candles to your home will not only add a romantic aura but also lend a soft glow to your living space.
  • If you want to create an atmosphere to suit your décor, add artificial lighting sources such as LED lights or lamps with dimmer switches.

Rustic/Estate Style

Adding character and warmth to a room with rustic bedroom decorating trends is great. This year’s designers focus on wood and stone and use earthy colors like browns, oranges, and greens. Buy from a furniture shops if you want rustic style:

  • If you are buying wood furniture or a bed frame, look for pieces that have been used or are in good condition.
  • A natural-colored linen or blanket is best, such as brown, tan, or green.
  • Add a touch of nature to your decor by using antlers, stones, and other natural elements.
  • If you use plants in your space, you will make it feel more vibrant and inviting. 

A coastal or beach-style home

Do you want to upgrade your bedroom décor this year? There are plenty of coastal/beach designs to choose from that will inspire you. Here are a few ideas to get you started for 2023 bedroom decorating trends from furniture shops, including bright coral hues and seaside patterns.

  • Adding coral to your bedroom will brighten it up and add a touch of tropical vibes. Whether you use coral in pillows or curtains or paint the walls this vibrant color, the coral will brighten any room.
  • The perfect autumnal atmosphere can be created in your bedroom with a mix of warm colors and fun patterns. You can opt for fun patterns like stripes or checkers or something more sophisticated, such as plaids or florals. No matter what you decide, your bedding must be unique!

The colors gray and black are cool.

Designers are recommending cool gray and black for bedroom decoration this year. A designer says these colors are timeless and versatile, making them ideal for any home style. “They look great with traditional and contemporary furniture,” she says. “You can use them to create a modern or traditional look.”

  • With Wallis’ Grey Walls Scheme, you can use cool grays and blacks in your bedroom. With its light gray background and black accents, this paint color scheme is perfect for creating a modern, sleek look in your bedroom. Additionally, you can use these colors to create a more subdued environment. Try shades of gray instead of black to create a more exciting effect in your bedroom.
  • To create a more dramatic look in your bedroom, use black as the dominant color. You can also add depth to the room by using dark shades of gray. It would help if you also considered neutrals – they complement cool grays and blacks well. For a fresh feel in the room, incorporate whites, grays, and light browns into your furnishings. 

Natural Elements 

According to designers, natural elements are the top bedroom decorating trends this year. Using natural elements in bedroom designs includes wood floors, plants, and fresh white walls. Many designers are incorporating nature to create a calm and serene atmosphere. 

  • Besides improving your sleep quality, using natural elements in your bedroom can help you feel more relaxed. By creating a peaceful and calming atmosphere, you will sleep better during the night. Using natural colors throughout your room will also make you feel more awake during the day.
  • You can also create a unique space by choosing items that reflect your style by incorporating natural elements in your bedroom.
  • Last but not least, you’ll be able to keep your bedroom clutter-free by incorporating natural elements into the design. Despite the popular belief that clutter creates a functional space, there are plenty of stylish and functional options today. Choose items with a minimalistic aesthetic, and you’ll have a functional and comfortable space.


Since so many things are changing now, bedroom decorating is becoming popular. You can decorate your bedroom in many ways this year, from natural materials to whimsical prints. Designers have devised many different ideas for sprucing up your bedroom this year. Buying furniture for your bedroom is a great way to express yourself. If you’re planning to buy furniture for your bedroom, check out the bedroom furniture shop trends list above and see what you like.