Beginning of candle Boxes


A candle is a flammable wick rooted in wax or another flammable hard body such as tallow that provides light, and in some cases, a scent. It can also be used to supply heat, or used as a way of keeping time.

A candle producer is traditionally known as a chandler. a variety of devices has been invented to grip candles, from simple tabletop candle holders to involved chandeliers.

Candles on a cake carry a delicate value to any anniversary event and blowing candles all at once are a child’s major dream. Candle manufacturing increased in demand when people started putting more candles on their birthday cakes to show their ages. Candles come in all kinds of attractive shapes and are used for a variety of purposes.

Candles are expressive of love, emotions and care towards the other individual and are also used for celebrations and decorations as these are accessible in different colors, shapes and sizes which could be related to different moods. There are different candles which are aromatic and make the environment pleasing. For the safety of candles from getting smashed and mislay their fragrance, the use of tradition candle boxes is favorite for those who are dealing in manufacture candles and delivering to customers. Candle boxes could be printed with the logo of the company with brilliant quality to meet the standards to attract customers at one time.

History of Candle box:

Candles have been used for thousands of years and awaiting the early on the 1900s they were the single cause for artificial light. Candles also have an affluent tradition in holy services in many faiths all over history. Today the candle market offers candle lovers a wide variety of candles shaped from a broad variety of waxes: paraffin, vegetable waxes, beeswaxes and the newest trend of harder waxes. These candles are accessible in a numerous of colors, shapes, designs and fragrances. Candles are no longer the only source of light but they are preferred for their ambiance, home decoration and scent.

Unique Candle box designs:           

There is a wide range of candles and candle types that are available on the market today.

Strong cardboard boxes: with cut-out windows are perfect for sets of narrow candles. Smaller boxes made from the cardboard can grip single votives also. Container candles using glass or ceramic containers can be securely packaged in these boxes as well.

Jar candle boxes: are one of the more important boxes. As they give a glossy look to the customer. It causes the users to pull towards you.

Cube candle boxes: have single and more kinds of products. They provide full happiness to their users. Cube boxes for sale are made from such material which gives all the supplies. Materials are mostly of gloss or matte a stuff which gives glossy look. It mostly attracts the attention of the customers.

Premium Candle Boxes: Premium Candle Boxes are used to show, bundle, and ship home ready candles. Adding the extra tap of a sturdy and beautiful candle box can make a huge difference in both sales and safe carrying of your products.

Types of candle boxes:

Candle Packaging Boxes Candles are mixed up in approximately every event, whether it’s a joyful occasion or a gloomy one. This makes the candle, a very significant part of our impressive and personal events. Keeping this huge application of the product in mind, the Candle Boxes are of the same value as they represent and beautify the candles themselves. Duke Packaging offers a candle packaging boxes in the United states. Find wholesale candle boxes from us. We provide candle packaging wholesale in United States. The Wholesale Candle Packaging Box wants to be as good as the candle itself. Any candle is imperfect without a well-decorated and designed cover. A Candle Box doesn’t only present a candle in the best-looking way but it can also express feelings to the loved ones. A Custom Candle Box can represent ideas, thoughts, appreciation, pleasure, sympathy and uncountable other thoughts that simple words can’t clarify. A Candle Box can express what you feel but can’t explain.

A beautiful Box makes a Candle look smooth prettier. If the Design is beautiful, people tend to love the product. The Packaging of your Candles doesn’t only signify the product but also represent your company. Try our wholesale candle boxes as we are known for wholesale packaging suppliers in the USA.

Our flexible candle wholesale Box Designs and prints can supply every type of candle product, beautify any event, represent any emotion and create moments worth detection.

Candle Packaging Wholesale

We provide each type, measurement, size and Design of Wholesale Candle Boxes for all type of event. This flexibility gives you unbelievable possibilities and ways to signify your product in the market.

Custom printed packaging

With custom printed packaging your box becomes a vehicle for your brand to communicate the heart of your product. As well just housing the product, custom printed boxes turns your packaging into a worth marketing part that will attract potential customers and make your brand position from the crowd.

Advantages of candles boxes

  • Displaying of candles
  • Displaying of candles in shopping mall
  • Used in bakeries to show products
  • To show brand of candles
  • Used for advertisement of candles
  • useful and easy to move
  • attractive, less massive