Benefits of hiring top video on demand services provider

OTT platforms and the entertainment industry comes first when we read about video on demand services. Isn’t it? But, not only the entertainment, but many other sectors have video content streaming features, which you might miss out. 

Healthcare and Education sectors also come in the list of using content streaming. The article focuses more on the ed-tech sector considering on-demand content streaming. Read the following details from broader content distribution, flawless streaming services to hiring the top talents from the market. 

Top 03 tech advancements for e-learning platform updation

Here are some features that improve not only the app’s performance but also the scalability. 

1) Digital Rights Management 

Digital rights management, short for DRM, means to manage the legal rights of digital content. Simply put, it is a practice done to prohibit the copying and consumption of copyrighted content.  Video on demand services are one of the types where DRM support is used.

Here are some bullet points that defines digital rights management:

  1. Prohibits unauthorized attempts to edit or save educational content.
  2. Prevents resharing and reselling of premium video content, they have not paid for. 
  3. Restricts users from unethical copying the content from VOD streaming services.
  4. Prevents users from taking screenshots of your premium educational content.
  5. Limits the no. of time, as per owners’ requirements, of consuming the video content. 
  6. Monitor IP address, demographics, & devices in case unauthorized access is done to consume the content.

2) Robust Watermarking

Watermarking means to hold the educational content ownership. As mentioned about the unethical attempts for content access, it becomes important to take accountability about content ownership. Video on demand services platforms require robust watermarking features the most. 

Although DRM and watermarking work to improve security measures, therefore, come together. It requires tech proficiencies of watermarking services providers, as patent identifiers are embedded into the content to prove integrity & ownership of the content.

3) AWS cloud services

Amazon web service is a globally recognized platform. Many VOD streaming services providers along with other sectors got benefits from its more than 200 service offerings. 

Importantly, AWS is also popular for its commendable contribution to the education sector. As there are many services such as AWS CloudFront (CDN), CloudStorage (S3), etc. that improve the performance of many ed-tech learning platforms. 

A leading company like AppSquadz, along with AWS certification provides robust AWS solutions ed-tech brands with video on demand services requirements.

Need/ Benefits of getting the best e-learning app development services

Sound & strategic marketing strategies along with collaboration with industry experts bring following benefits that also define why these are needed:

1) Boosted revenues

The major objective that keeps a business functioning constant is achievable with such collaboration. As the overall app development gets better with VOD streaming services updated, ed-tech brands, in the long-run, get to improve their business revenues.

2) Market share

Second comes in the list is market share. Such app updates also impact market share positively. It includes boosts in net profits, higher subscribers, improved time span of customers, competitive advantage, etc. Therefore, ed-tech brands hire only professional mobile app development companies to gain such benefits. 

3) Possible market funding

This factor might be possible for every video on demand services provider. But, in the long-run and along with above mentioned benefits. There are possible business opportunities where investors tend to invest in such business if they see maximum returns. The following point is also connected with funding and investment.

4) Pivot in business

It is common to take a pivot for VOD streaming services providers in the business world. Simply put, investments or improved profits open doors for many possible opportunities. Therefore, ed-tech brands can also enter a new segment that used to be untapped priorly. Such factors gain audience trust and credibility that you would see in the following point. 

5) Audience trust 

Prioritizing the long run, collaboration with top video on demand services provider or e-learning app development company; brings new heights to ed-tech brands. They gain audience trust and credibility by offering top-notch educational resources & content, and tapping the new market segment. From instant solutions to flawless video streaming, all go hand in hand to build brand value/ trust/ credibility in the market. 

6) Improved time span

Last in the list is the improved time span of end users on e-learning applications. As they are more attracted with instant solutions and quality study resources, they prefer consuming more of such content. Therefore, ed-tech brands get better positioning and can pitch additional services to them.

Wrap UpThe educational app development is complex and requires constant tech updates. Therefore, it becomes essential to hire the top talents with video on demand services expertise. To help you out finding the best one, we recommend AppSquadz, a leading market player in education app development. It has successfully delivered more than 850 applications to multiple clients that define their expertise and specialization.