Best Canadian Provinces for New Immigrants

The most often-asked question is, “Which province in Canada is best for immigrants?” Canada is the second-largest nation in the world, making it difficult to decide where to begin. Each of Canada’s 10 provinces and three territories has its own particular appeal.

Depending on your profile and where you are in the process, it may be crucial to determine whether the province offers a suitable nominee programme. Other factors may depend on your lifestyle, profession, and weather preferences. Here are the four most popular Canadian provinces for immigrants to help you get started brought to you by the most trusted Canada Consultancy in Ahmedabad


Ontario is by far the most popular Canadian province for new immigrants. In 2021, over half of the new Canadian permanent residents settled in Ontario. 

  • The majority of immigrants who identified Ontario as their desired province of residence wanted to settle in Toronto. More than half of Toronto’s citizens belong to a visible minority group, making it one of the world’s most urban and cosmopolitan cities.
  • Ottawa is the nation’s capital and the second most populous city in Ontario. Ottawa is regarded as one of the safest Canadian cities. The capital city of Canada also provides a great quality of life and affordable cost of living.

Ontario’s economy is robust, accounting for 37% of the nation’s GDP, mostly due to a mix of natural resources, industrial competence, and exports. Nearly half of all workers in high-tech, financial services, and other knowledge-intensive businesses reside in the province.

British Columbia

British Columbia, located on the west coast of Canada, is renowned for its gorgeous natural beauty. In 2021, British Columbia was the second most popular province for incoming immigrants, behind Ontario. British Columbia is often regarded as the greatest province in Canada for immigrants seeking outdoor activities and warmer climates.

  • Vancouver is the most populous city in British Columbia. Vancouver, located on Canada’s Pacific coast, offers breathtaking ocean and mountain vistas. Vancouver is also a popular site for big feature productions and has a strong art community.
  • Victoria is the second most populous city in British Columbia. Victoria is the provincial capital of British Columbia and is situated on the southern point of Vancouver Island. Victoria is the perfect city for low-key outdoor enthusiasts due to its languid pace, allure, and distinctive topography.

British Columbia has a varied economy that is dominated by service sectors. Agriculture, construction, film and television, forestry, fisheries and aquaculture, high technology, manufacturing, mining, and tourism are other significant businesses in British Columbia. 

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Quebec is the third most popular Canadian province for immigrants. Quebec is the greatest Canadian province for immigrants who value cultural activities and the French language. Quebec, the biggest province in Canada, is renowned for its cultural diversity, maple syrup production, and French language. Even though French is the official language of Quebec, the provincial government offers some rights and services to English-speaking people. It is possible to navigate Quebec without knowing French, however, it is advisable to learn the language. Fortunately, Quebec provides free French classes to new immigrants who want to learn the language.

  • Montreal is the most populated city in Quebec and ranks third among new immigrants. As North America’s leading host city for international events, Montreal is widely regarded as Canada’s most cultural city; music, comedy, and film festivals are held here throughout the year.
  • The second most frequent location for immigrants settling in the province is Quebec City. The distinctive French-speaking city maintains a balance between history, modernity, culture, and the natural world. Residents of Quebec City don’t hibernate during the winter; the city provides a variety of distinctive winter activities and attractions, such as the Winter Carnival, tobogganing in the heart of town, and the Hotel de Glace (Ice Hotel).

The climate of Quebec is notorious for its extremes. In certain regions of the province, winter temperatures may reach as low as -40°C, while summer temperatures can reach 35°C. Quebec’s economy is varied, with the industrial and service industries dominating. Additionally, Quebec spends considerably on research and development, resulting in the expansion of sectors such as:


Alberta was the fourth most popular province for immigrants in 2021. Alberta, located in Western Canada, is home to some of the country’s most prominent natural attractions. Alberta is well-known for its oil and natural gas reserves, livestock ranching, the Rocky Mountains, and Dinosaur Provincial Park. Calgary and Edmonton are, respectively, the fourth and fifth most popular cities for immigrants in Canada.

  • Calgary is the most populous city in Alberta. Calgary, situated in the foothills of the breathtaking Rocky Mountains, is great for outdoor lovers. Calgary is also home to one of the world’s biggest outdoor rodeos, the Calgary Stampede & Exhibition.
  • Edmonton is the provincial capital and the second most populous city in Alberta. Edmonton, a city that holds more than 30 festivals yearly, is never lacking in events. Edmonton is also home to the biggest planetarium in Canada and once held the distinction of the world’s largest mall.

Calgary and Edmonton are the two sunniest cities in Canada, having more sunlight hours than any other city. It may be as frigid as -51 °C in certain regions of Alberta in the winter, but the province’s plentiful sunlight helps residents through the season.

Parts of the province may see temperatures as high as 35 °C during the summer months. The oil and gas sector is the major industry in Alberta, followed by agriculture, forestry, education, tourism, banking, and manufacturing. Alberta also has lower taxes than the rest of Canada, making it the ideal province for immigrants seeking to save money in Canada.

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Wrapping Up 

As the Canadian population ages and fertility rates decline, immigration is in high demand. Over the next three years, Canada intends to accept a record number of immigrants. With enhanced immigration goals and more effective procedures in place, now is an excellent moment to immigrate to Canada. To find out more, consult the best canada pr consultant in Ahmedabad