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Best Exercise Equipment for Apartment

Don’t have enough space to accumulate your fitness equipment? Or are your neighbors always complaining about the treadmill noises from your house? But still, you don’t prefer going to the gym? Then this guide is what you need. Here we have collected some great fitness app recommendations that you can use for your workouts. The gear we have here can provide you with full-body workouts while covering a small space like a shelf. Yes, a shelf. So, if you are willing to step up your workout space at home, let’s get started and explore these. If you’re ready to step up your workout space at home, you’ll want to explore these total gym accessories.

List Of Total Gym Accessories That Are Best For Full Workout Routines at Home

Using this equipment, you can follow any fitness programs and repeat them countless times in the comfort of your home and even outdoors. 

Resistance Bands

Also known as power bands, resistance bands are first in this list of total gym accessories due to their functionality. These bands are minimal tools, as you can bring them with you anywhere, anytime.

Athletes use resistance bands to increase the resistance of their bodyweight exercises. So, besides their compactness, they can help you to be creative and design your full-body resistance. Usually, these bands come in five different strengths, providing flexibility for beginners to experts. You can stand on bands, tie them to other fitness gear, and hold them to target different muscle groups or make your exercise routine more or less challenging. 

Battle Rope Or Full Body Rope

Battle ropes are compact, durable, compact, easily storable, and target most of the mussels in our bodies. These battle ropes are one device for gym enthusiasts seeking to exercise from home. 

Another thing that makes these battle ropes suitable for an apartment is that it does not make any noise, even during heavy workouts. Anyhow, if this creates the noises, the sound will not be high-pitched enough to penetrate through the walls. In addition, it is also one of the best gym accessories for women when it comes to improving the body’s tone. Battle ropes target most of your body’s muscles, including the abdominals, shoulders, arms, lower and upper back, and hamstrings. If you want to target a typical area, you can change the swing of it. 

Performing battle rope exercises three times per week for 6 weeks can significantly improve the upper body and core. After 6 weeks, men and women can achieve an average of 7 and 10 additional push-ups, respectively. 

Reflex Punch Ball

If you want cardio experiences like no other, this is the best home fitness equipment you can own. Just like the other equipment on the list, the reflex punch ball gives you a full-body workout routine and does not take up much space for storage. Makes no noise, has less storage, and its easy-to-store features make it best for apartment owners.  

It is also one of the best gym accessories for men looking for hand-eye coordination. It helps you with developing balance, focus, and concentration too. As a great at-home exercise, you can try squash with it. Not only is it a wonderful tool for the apartments, but also a great tool for developing triceps muscles. It will not only provide you with a great workout for you but also great entertainment for your family and friends. 

Sports Hula Hoop

If you want to burn calories without too much stress and enjoy your equipment, there is no better equipment than the sports hula hoop. Easily storable, this equipment also is cost-effective to have. So, if you have been considering buying a wallet-friendly tool, this gear is for you. It is as effective as running on the treadmill when it comes to burning calories. If you don’t know, hope is considered one of the most calorie-killer exercises. Hula hoops and sports hula hoops have small distinctions. Or, let’s say sports hula hoops are a modified version of the kid’s hula hoops. They have a wait attached to the ring to target abdominal muscles and the abdominal weight. 

Full Body Trainer Board

Full body trainer is another tool you can use to experience your space. The tool is a complete accessory to create your mini gym. You can use this cardio tool to flex your arms, thighs, and abdominal muscles. If you have a workout plan, you can also employ this tool as a full workout tool for the body stretch, planks, scots, and push-ups like exercises. Being creative and developing your practice with this tool is great, as you don’t have to stick to regular exercises forever. 

Push Up Board

Multi-Function push-up boards allow you to improve push-ups and effectively train your upper body. The equipment is useful if you want to strengthen your muscles for the push-up exercise. It comes with different color-coded lines to guide you to target your chest, shoulder, arms, and back muscles. Push up board is a stable and sturdy platform along with these color-coded adjustments. With the board, you can use 30 push-up variations and take your workout intensity to the next level. It is not just a fancy exercise tool but has multiple functions that can benefit you in several ways. Some of these benefits are.

  • Safeguarding your shoulders and lower back from injuries
  • Enhancing your flexibility
  • Boost your performance in sports as well as athletic activities
  • Building a strong core strength
  • Burning calories
  • Enhance your balance and posture

Push-up boards are easy to assemble, and most boards on the market are high quality and provide value for your hard-earned money. 

Wrapping Up!

These were the best exercise equipment you can have at home without worrying about space. You can surely do your due diligence to find other add-ons to this compact fitness tools club. FitStrength is your online store to look for these add-ons. The store provides the best gym accessories for everyone at affordable prices. So, no more worry about the cost and space, all you have to focus on is your workout.