Best Outdoor Futon for Small Decks, Patios, and Gardens

As a homeowner, you know how challenging and frustrating it is to select new belongings for your home. Beds and sofas are two very important pieces of furniture we need in our house for comfortably sitting and sleeping. You must pay keen attention when buying this furniture. But you should also keep in mind the area of your room where you will place these things. 

If your area space is small, you can go for a futon sofa bed. Futon sofa beds originated in Japan and are best as they serve both needs. It is a padded, unsprung mattress that can be folded in two or rolled up. Choosing between traditional sofa-bed and futon beds can be tough as they almost seem similar. However, futon beds are more comfy and versatile, best for smaller spaces, and enhance the look of your home. To know about futon beds, continue reading. 

Are Futon Beds A Good Idea For An Outdoor Area?

When the weather is good and most agreeable, at times of the year, people tend to look for comfortable furniture outside their homes, such as patios, decks, and gardens. One such piece of furniture for outdoor spaces could be a futon sofa which can be used as a bed as well. Futons in the outdoors have become quite famous even though they are typical for indoors, small areas. 

Futons are amazingly versatile and can be used in many areas if your property is enormous. You can place futons in decks and gardens for get-togethers, recreational activities, sleeping outside, resting, playing, etc. It is better than other furniture, such as sofas and chairs, as it is comfier and can enhance the look of your surroundings. 

How Can You Protect The Futon Outside?

Futons for outdoor use have become common in modern houses, so even manufacturers have started making weather-resistance futons. Although this might prove beneficial, you still cannot take chances. You should follow a couple of different ways to protect your futon from harsh elements and bad weather that could damage the mattress or shorten its lifespan. You must do a couple of things to protect your futon from any hazards. They are: 

  • Cover: You must protect the mattress with a cover, no matter where it is placed. Even if you have placed it indoors, you should put a cover over it. Covering the futon when it is outside is crucial to protect it from outdoor elements.
  • Storage: Drop the idea if you plan to store your futon below the sun or near the pool. Store it in a much safer area, like a garage, shed, or pool house, when you are no longer 

using it or when you have no plan to keep it outdoors for long. 

  • Placement: The placement of the futon outside will decide its durability. Don’t place the futon in the sun or where sunlight can reach. Instead, place the outdoor futon in a covered and safer area such as a patio, deck, or screened-in porch. 

Affordable Futons For Outdoors

Futons come in different colors, designs, and sizes, so you can get them anywhere. If you don’t like going out shopping, there are also online options available that you can look up to. Purchase the ones that will complement your area space, such as patio, deck, and garden, as well as provide you warmth and comfort. Here are a few fantastic options you can consider before buying a futon; continue reading to know more about them. 

Outdoor Furniture Wood Futons

Look for futons made of wood that can last outdoors like cypress, redwood, and cedar. These are three softwoods that have natural moisture-wicking properties and make fine choices for outdoor furniture. But we believe the best wood for outdoor furniture comes from top-of-the-line hardwoods such as mahogany, and teak.

Futon Mattresses

Futon mattresses are an excellent choice for gardens and decks. They are affordable and provide comfort while sitting or sleeping. Futon foam mattresses are dual-sided, made with polyester, and covered in cotton twill. The dimensions of these mattresses range depending on the area you’re trying to fill. The only downside of the mattress is that it doesn’t come with a frame, is not waterproof, and requires a slipcover. 

Protective Slipcovers For Outdoor Futons

Some futons are not waterproof, so you need outdoor futon slipcovers over them to protect the futon and prolong its lifespan. Slipcovers are especially crucial for outdoor futon beds as they are more prone to damage. Most of them are made of fabrics such as cotton blends, polyester, acrylic, and synthetic fiber. They are great for outdoor use. The covers made for outdoor use are made to undergo chemical treatment that helps them to repel things like water and mildew. 

Another good reason to have slipcovers for futon beds is that it is an absolute must-have for people who have children or own pets. The futon’s slipcover won’t get ruined or damaged if kids spill anything on it or a muddy dog crawls onto the seat. You must wipe the cover with a wet cloth or vacuum it. 

Wrapping Up

Now it is clear that you can keep your futon beds outdoors and enjoy the scenic view while sitting or lying on it. Keeping the futons outside in the patio or garden enhances the look of the surroundings and appeals to your guests. Make sure to use outdoor futon covers and protect your futon beds from harsh elements and bad weather, which can drastically reduce their lifespan.