Best Ways To Store Bedding Without a Closet

Today, a lot of houses and apartments are construct without a functional linen closet. Even though you might have enough to keep spare towels and toiletries, you won’t have enough room to keep extra blankets, sheets, or comforters. The majority of such goods are big and occupy a lot of space. If you don’t have a linen closet in your house, you’ve probably discovered that trying to store your comforters or Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheet in your closet just doesn’t work. Fortunately, there are numerous methods to store linens without the convenience of a linen closet; all you require is a little creativity. Here is a list of alternatives to closets for storing linens. 

Clothes Storage Without a Closet

Without a linen closet, a house might occasionally feel disorganised, especially on laundry day. No matter how big your house is, you need to have a place to keep your linens so they can stay clean and, more crucially, away from the way. There are a lot of options, whether you decide on a DIY, store-bought, or specially designed option.

1. A Visible Bookcase

Using an open bookshelf, particularly a linen closet, is a great solution for storage solutions for flats without closets. You may be able to conceal your temporary linen closet behind your bathroom or bedroom door based on the size of the bookshelf you select and the available space. You might even store it in the hallway if you leave your belongings nicely folded.

2. Make Use of Baskets

Small areas often call for one or two baskets for linen storage. Since they are attractive and occupy little room, woven and wicker baskets are ideal for storing linens. Some baskets can be stacked on top of one another, while others can be lined up behind a door or against a wall. You may offer the baskets a personalised feel as well, incorporating burlap, ribbon, or labels.

3. A Blanket Ladder

You can get blanket ladders in virtually any home furnishings store, and they are a fantastic solution for linen storage. With blanket ladders, you can store objects by folding them over the rungs. This item, which would be usually used for blankets in living room settings, also works well as storage for excess linens that you don’t have space for.

4. Ottomans and Trunks with Storage

Ottomans and storage trunks are available in a multitude of sizes and designs. You are sure to find a trunk which suits your taste, whether it is rustic or trendy. Since they open up and let you put things inside, storage ottomans and trunks are great for finding a way to store blankets without a closet. You can start folding blankets nicely inside and on top once the interior of the trunk is organise and filled. If you can’t locate an ottoman or trunk you like, have one constructed for your home if you can’t find one you like.

5. Shelf Units That Float

The lack of a linen closet is one storage conundrum that floating shelves easily resolve. You may choose the floating shelves that are perfect for your space because they come in singles and units. For the ultimate in space-saving, install a floating shelf unit above door frames. Alternatively, line up individual floaters on the wall with folded towels and some faux plants for good measure.

6. Options for Under-Bed Storage

You really can’t go wrong with space under the mattress for goods like linens, comforters, as well as extra blankets. Depending on how high your bed frame is off the ground, you might use a tote or a basket, both of which will appear tidy and put together once you’re done. The secret to organising storage beneath the mattress is to carefully pack stuff into containers and slip them under the mattress so you can find them right away when you require them, as opposed to shoving things underneath and causing more clutter.

7. Make Use Of Your Closet.

It is feasible to make tidy storage within your closet for your linens, though for some individuals, this may be difficult, and it entirely depends on how much you store in there. You should make room in one corner of your wardrobe for an open cubby shelf or a dresser without drawers. Whichever works for you can also be utilise as hanging canvas storage with open cubbies. Your feelings of frustration should remain minimal as long as you keep things organised.

8. Storage Above Doors

Over a door, storage has evolved into something much more useful than it formerly was. Over-the-door storage, which is now accessible with raised-edge bins, is ideal for storing sheets and pillowcases which would otherwise struggle to find a perfect home. Although this kind of storage is not a long-term fix, it will provide a quick fix to an issue that is stressing you out.