Betel Nut Cultivation in India With Complete Guidance

Areca nuts can be cultivated on any land. Good betel nut production is obtained in loamy clay soil containing organic material. The land in its cultivation is 7 to 8 P.H. Moreover, the value should be between Its cultivation is good in 28 degrees north and 28 degrees south of the equator. For its land preparation farmers use the Swaraj 855 model because it comes in a valuable price range. Moreover, this tractor model fulfils every farmer’s needs effortlessly. 

Field Preparation 

Cultivation of betel nut requires friable soil. So clean the field and plough it well. After ploughing, apply water to the area and leave it to dry. After this, when the field’s water has dried up, then by using a rotavator and ploughing it well, the field’s soil becomes friable. In this friable soil, level the land by putting a pat. 


When the areca nut plants are 5 years old or older, give each plant 10 to 20 kg old rotted cow dung manure. Apart from this, provide chemical fertilisers Phosphorus 40 G.M., Nitrogen 100 GM and Potash 140 GM per plant. This fertiliser should be given from January to February.


The transplanting of betel nut plants is done by preparing the seedlings from the seeds. For this, the seeds are ready in the beds. After this, these plants are removed from the nursery and transplanted into the field. Moreover, All these plants must be 12 to 18 months old. Next, a drain is made for drainage by ploughing the field for planting seedlings. After this, mix the rotten dung manure and compost manure with the soil prepared in rows and fill them in the pits. Also, It is good to plant these plants from June to July.

Irrigation & Weed Control

Weed control in the betel nut crop is done by hoeing. Its plants require only two to three hoeing in a year. Apart from this, the plants do not require unique irrigation. In addition, irrigation for seedlings should be done weekly from November to February and from March to May. For accomplishing both irrigation and weed control purposes implements are needed and for handling equipment Massey 1035 model is best. Also, As it comes with an economical price range and advanced features.   

Advantages of Betel Nuts 

Consumed in both dried and new forms, Betel nut can be eaten raw, boiled, or roasted. It has a warm-spicy taste and contains essential nutrients like arecoline, choline, gallic fatty acid, and tannins.

  • It helps in controlling oral cavities.
  • Enhances focus by increasing engagement levels.
  • Aids in curing indigestion.

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