Betr Sportsbook Review

Jake Paul’s betting app Betr sports has launched in Ohio and Massachusetts. Its micro-betting approach focuses on ultra-short-term markets and fast payouts. The company’s co-founder Joey Levy has extensive experience in the sports-betting industry.

Levy’s resume includes co-founding Daily Fantasy sports platform Draftpot and Simplebet, a pioneer in the micro-betting space. Betr plans to leverage those experiences to attract a younger audience.

User-friendly interface

When it comes to sports betting, the user experience is paramount. The Betr app takes a unique approach to sports engagement by putting an emphasis on micro bets and an intuitive app interface. It also has a younger demographic in its sights. The co-founders of Betr are social media celebrities and professional athletes, which gives it a unique advantage over other sportsbooks.

It’s also worth noting that the Betr app is free to use. This is a great way to try out the platform before making any real money bets. New users are eligible for a $100 sign-up bonus on their first deposit.

Joey Levy, the CEO of Betr, is a veteran of the gaming industry. He’s previously co-founded Draftpot, a daily fantasy sports platform and Simplebet, an early player in the micro-betting space. He believes there’s still room for startups that bring a different business model to sports betting. This is especially true in a crowded market with players like FanDuel dominating TV ad slots during sports games.

Quick payouts

Betr sportsbook offers quick payouts, allowing players to cash out their wagers before the game ends. This feature allows bettors to take their profits before the odds shift or cut their losses if they make a bad call. The payouts are based on the amount of money bet and the current win probabilities for the outcome, which is displayed in a table format.

The Betr app is free to use, and new users can double their first deposit up to $100. To qualify, you must register and verify your identity. Betr also offers a referral program where you can earn bonus credits for every friend you refer.

Founders Jake Paul and Joey Levy are well known in the fantasy sports industry and have experience in creating successful businesses. Their resume includes co-founding Draftpot, a daily fantasy sports platform. In addition, they are both Thiel Fellows, a fellowship that gives young entrepreneurs $100,000 to skip or drop out of college to pursue their ideas.

Wide variety of bets

Betr offers a wide variety of bets for fans to choose from. These include bets on every pitch and at-bat in MLB games, first possession in football, and more. In addition, users can win free bets by logging in regularly and making predictions. The app also offers a reimagined user interface layer that depicts betting markets as intuitive multiple-choice questions, and odds are displayed in easy-to-understand payout multipliers.

Unlike traditional sportsbooks, which offer bets on the outcome of individual events, betr focuses on wagering on small in-game events such as the next pitch in baseball, free throw attempt in basketball, or the next play or drive in football. This type of wagering is known as micro-betting. It is a unique take on the market that is aimed at casual sports fans who want stress-free sports wagering on-demand. However, the company has some limitations that are worth noting. For example, the app prohibits credit card deposits and has daily time limits and deposit limits for players ages 21-25.

Competitive odds

Betr Sportsbook is a new entrant into the legal sports betting market. It offers competitive odds, and its emphasis on microbetting makes it easy for casual sports fans to place in-game wagers. However, it’s difficult to directly compare Betr’s odds to those of DraftKings or other sportsbooks because they don’t follow the traditional odds format.

The Betr app was founded by Simplebet co-founder Joey Levy and YouTube star-turned-professional athlete Jake Paul. It claims to be the first sportsbook with a focus on microbetting, which involves placing bets during a game based on specific events rather than the outcome of the entire contest. This is a popular feature in an era of latency caused by streaming and broadcast delays.

Betr’s betting markets currently cover major US sports leagues, high-profile boxing matches, and UFC fights. The app also includes a few fantasy-style games. Its early decision to prohibit credit card deposits and enforce deposit limits for users 21-25 shows its commitment to responsible gambling practices.

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