Billing Services For Gastroenterology Improves Billing Operations and Helps Patients Better Understand Their Costs by Using gEstimator

Gastrointestinal Associates of Northeast Tennessee is located in Johnson City (Tenn.) and strives to provide the highest quality care for patients with digestive system disorders. They provide the most up-to-date diagnostic and therapeutic technology and strive to deliver services with efficiency and compassion.The practice needed a suite of healthcare IT that was specific to gastroenterology and could keep up with the changing medical field. Modernizing Medicine(r), Gastroenterology was chosen by the group. It included gGastro(r] Endoscopy Report Writer(ERW), the award-winning gGastro-gastroenterology EHR, and gPM ™ gastroenterology practice management services. The practice became a beta user of gEstimator(tm), a tool that provides out-of-pocket cost estimates within gPM in a matter of seconds. Angela See, an administrative assistant, talks about the positive effects that gEstimator has had on her practice. She also explains the key benefits of the services.

Billing Services For Gastroenterology

Billing Services For Gastroenterology
Billing Services For Gastroenterology

Gastroenterology services Supports Growth

Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology is a flexible solution that has enabled our clinic and surgery center to grow exponentially. gGastro is more tailored for our needs than other vendors. The full suite of gastroenterology services was implemented by us because it made more sense than dealing with multiple vendors to have one system.

We were pleased with the results of gGastro, gPM and decided to be beta users for gEstimator. This was to give our patients better transparency on price. gEstimator instantly generates an itemized, easy-to-read sheet that shows the patient’s estimated payment liability, copay, and deductible as calculated by our clearinghouse. You can improve your cash flow by collecting copayments, coinsurance and deductibles at the time you visit. Modernizing Medicine’s Practice Management System can help your front office staff with patient collection. Your front office staff will be able to communicate with the patient and collect their responsibility before they arrive.

We were extremely grateful for the support and training that we received in implementing gEstimator. The Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology team provided us with guidance throughout the entire process. They were available to us on the phone for each patient during the first day of go live and they also followed our computer screens. We felt confident that the tool was being used correctly because they were there every step of our journey.

Prioritize Your Medical Billing Process with Outstanding Patient Claims

While you would love to be able to concentrate on all of your outstanding claims 100% of the time in your busy practice, it is not possible. It may be a good idea to start with claims that are simpler to submit and have higher chances of being paid.

  • Here are some things you can do to make sure you follow the rules.
  • Check your insurance eligibility before you provide any services.
  • Respect deadlines – Most insurance companies will set deadlines for claim submissions. There might be a deadline of 30 days or 2 years.
  • You should update your fee schedules. Setting your fee schedule at the top of your insurance provider’s maximum amount will help you get the most reimbursement for the service or treatment provided.
  • Handle rejections and denials – As you work to resolve unpaid claims, you might notice patterns in the payers. You can adapt to these patterns.
  • Maintain your A/R. 
  • Identify reimbursement schedules. This is crucial for understanding how to prioritize unpaid claims.

Billing Processes Improved

Gastroenterology billing services in California have improved our billing processes and saved us more than half of the time it used to take to follow up on collections. We now receive less monthly statements and have to make fewer phone calls to patients to collect. Because we collect upfront, there is less backend work. The system allows for a more accurate cost estimate, which has led to a significant decrease in refunds.

gEstimator helps patients be more financially prepared. The service allows us to create payment plans if the patient is unable to pay the full amount. The patient can choose the day they want to be billed and we can charge a credit card.

Better Patient Experience

Patients love the transparency in pricing. We can set realistic expectations before they get their bill. This allows them to make payment arrangements or start the payment plan. There are no surprises. gEstimator has made it easy for our patients to have a positive experience. It has also given our practice financial predictability that allows us to grow.