The Top Fashion Bloggers to Follow in 2018

Since Blogger the beginning of the millennium, there have been fashion blogs and fashion bloggers. Today, blogging is a very other game. Even though the number of fashion blogs is at an all-time high, there is no denying that social media sites like Instagram continue to be the main source of traffic directed towards fashion blogs. However, because it has made our life two times easier, we are not complaining. There is a hashtag game going on, which is how we ended up snooping through so many accounts. While perusing one hashtag after another, we become engrossed, enamoured, and sometimes even lose a few days. It can be intimidating to see every single influencer with thousands (and occasionally millions) of followers and the content they have to give.

Nevertheless, certain fashion bloggers are still able to distinguish out in the crowd. And now, we’re going to talk about them. So check out the influencers in this article and follow them if fashion and staying current are your things! balenciaga hoodie

Gabi Gregg

Gabi Gregg embarked on her quest in an effort to close the vexing gap for plus-size women. She began a blog around ten years ago with the goal of demonstrating and paving the road for body positivity while being flawlessly fashionable, lively, and colourful. Like her, her costumes are vibrant, and her plus-size clothing business, Premme, is as well. She collaborated with “Playful Promises” and “Swimsuits,” bringing what she refers to as “the fatkini,” and demonstrated how it’s done. Thanks to social media, we can follow her around and we need more women like her.

Lisa Gachet

The DIY fashion queen and Parisian fashion blogger Lisa Gachet recently developed a brand that stands for a concept she is passionate about: Do It Yourself Fashion. Making cheap, limited-edition clothes that reflects your individuality is an intriguing idea. Her feed is vibrant, and her brand is distinctive. For all of it and more, follow her.

Wendy Nguyen Blogger

You might take inspiration from the petite blogger who stands at about 5 feet. All of it is brought together by a fashion blogger who is passionate about people, art, culture, and music. Wendy has many hats; in addition to being a blogger, content developer, and juvenile justice advocate, she also works tirelessly to support foster children since she has firsthand experience with the difficulties they face. She is indeed an inspiration, having gone through foster care, graduated from UCLA-Berkeley with a degree in psychology, and become an influencer. She thinks you can combine anything and create fashion statements that incorporate everything. For some much-needed inspiration, visit her blog.

Kat Farmer

Kat Farmer, a 43-year-old fashion blogger, stylist, and wardrobe advisor, is vivacious and full of life. She claims to be attempting to navigate the 40s without being frumpy, and her utterances reflect that. The combination of feminine, floral, and stylish elements is thrilling and redefines fashion.

Lyn Slater 

Because there were few fashion blogs that catered to the requirements of women in their 50s, 60s, and beyond, Lynn Slater founded the “Accidental Icon.” Although she is a rare individual, the world could use more people like her. This sixty-something grandma, who has snow-white coiffed hair, is living it up and lifting the bar—or, more accurately, shattering barriers—for all the right reasons. Lyn Slater demonstrates time and time again that “age is only a variable” by wearing floral kimonos, scorching-hot huge sunglasses, and a contagious sense of style. Thanks for proving everyone wrong, Lyn; your 400,000+ fan base couldn’t be happier.

Akanksha Redhu

The blog of Akanksha Redhu is a mixed bag and a gold mine. She posts everything, including daily outfits, vacation stories, lifestyle, cosmetic advice, event coverage, and, of course, fashion, which is a staple of all the categories. What began as a plan to document fashion statements has grown into one of India’s top fashion blogs with 131k Instagram followers. Make sure to follow her if you haven’t already.

Tami Reed

Tami Reed is fascinating in every way. Her character, aura, wit and humour, sense of style, and everything else quickly attracted the interest of major businesses. She was very active on social media even before she started blogging about fashion. It all began when Tami decided to take action and set out to do something specific. Tami Reed is a go-getter who has worked as a consultant on the red carpet and as an entrepreneur. Check out her blog for further inspiration and to remain current on all the major fashion-related news, whether it be from Hollywood or elsewhere.

She Wears Fashion

Kavita Donkersley founded “She Wears Fashion” when she was 16 years old, although she confesses that it was a complete disaster and that she was simply bewildered, as any 16-year-old would be. She persisted though, and with each year that went by, she came to appreciate her passion for travel and fashion. At age 23, she currently has 56k (and increasing) Instagram followers. She advanced in the field only by persistence, a tonne of hard work, and a little luck. She works with well-known companies and attends illustrious gatherings like Coachella, among others.