Burj Khalifa – A Tallest Skyscrapers in the Dubai

The Burj Khalifa stands proudly in the UAE as the tallest man-made structure in the world. The building’s scale and grandeur is unparalleled, and it stands as a symbol of Dubai’s innovation and ambition. The tower stands at an incredible 829.8 meters tall, and offers stunning views of the city and desert from within and from its observation deck. In this blog post, you’ll learn about the Burj Khalifa’s remarkable history, its technical specifications, and why it has become such an emblem of Dubai. We’ll also discover the unique features and experiences that make a visit to the tower a must for any traveler.


The Burj Khalifa, located in Dubai, is without a doubt one of the most impressive skyscrapers in the world. The sheer size of this iconic building is awe-inspiring, standing 828 meters tall and boasting 163 floors. Although the building is relatively new, its history is quite intriguing.

Construction of what would become the Burj Khalifa began in 2004, and the project was completed six years later in 2010. During this time, the tower was known as the Burj Dubai. Upon its completion, the building was officially renamed Burj Khalifa in honor of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed, the ruler of Abu Dhabi and President of the United Arab Emirates.

The Burj Khalifa was designed by the famous architect Adrian Smith, of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. It was built by the construction company Emaar Properties, and is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. In addition to its impressive architecture and unique design, the Burj Khalifa also features a state-of-the-art observatory on its 124th floor, offering stunning views of the city and its surroundings.

How to get tickets

Are you planning a trip to Dubai and want to experience the tallest skyscraper in the world? Burj Khalifa is a stunning architectural feat that stands tall, boasting a total height of 829.8 meters. Visiting this tower is an unforgettable experience, and getting your tickets is easy and straightforward! 

So, here’s how you can get tickets to experience Burj Khalifa. First, you can visit the official website of “At The Top” and check out the different ticketing options. There are several packages available, depending on the time you want to spend at the tower and the type of experience you’re looking for. You can select the date and time of the visit, and then proceed to the payment page. 

The second option is to book burj khalifa tickets on the spot at the tower itself. You can visit the ticket counter and pick up tickets in person. There’s usually no waiting time, but it’s best to check the availability in advance.

The third and final option is to book a tour package. Tour packages come with tickets to the tower and other experiences, so you can get more value for your money


The iconic Burj Khalifa is one of the most impressive skyscrapers in the world, and a symbol of Dubai’s ambition and innovation. It is a remarkable feat of engineering and stands as a powerful reminder of what can be achieved with passion, dedication and hard work.