Buy Fiberoptic Laryngoscopes At Cheap Prices

Laryngoscope made of disposable fiber Set of 6 blades with an LED handle

Professional disposable laryngoscope set with LED handle and six different blades. a fresh design of patient intubation tool utilized in emergency rooms. especially practical as a tool in ambulances and emergency services.

The original soft rounded blade profile and LED fiber optic handle are both features of the disposable Fiberoptic Laryngoscopes. English Macintosh and Miller-type blades in 3 different sizes are included with the handle.

The habit of using a single-use laryngoscope

When the handle and blade of the EU laryngoscope are connected, they can be used for so-called endotracheal intubation of airways. This tool gives the expert a light beam that makes it possible for the endotracheal tube to be properly inserted. When appropriate ventilation cannot be maintained using conventional techniques, such as in the case of airway burns, intubation is advised.

The item is a component of an anti-shock kit used when immunizing patients.

Components of a disposable laryngoscope set

6 disposable Macintosh and Miller blades

Daily use of disposable blades for hospitals and emergency rooms

A plastic base that is robust and green

Low-profile, premium blades

Construction using AISI 304 stainless steel

superior lighting, polished acrylic surface

With a 2.5V LED bulb, the maximum discharge point is 7000 Lux with no glare or reflections.

German fiber optics in the MAC 2,3,4 and MIL 0,1,2 sizes that are in accordance with ISO7376/3 standard LITERACY disposable LED laryngoscope holding cover around LED bulb

Maximum illumination is provided by a built-in German battery for 2 hours.

replacement of the LED capsule is simple.

the handle is slender and adheres to ISO 7376/3 standards, and the steel and plastic are well-bonded.

only once on the patient

assurance of 12-month supply availability

The possible handle sizes are: Stubby, Medium, and Small (L)

Five years after the date of production is the expiration date. There is also an English instruction manual for a disposable laryngoscope.

Seven pieces total in sealed packaging makes up the entire set. The tool is covered by a manufacturer’s guarantee and certificates. If you order a logistic minimum of 100 sets with individual pricing, you can place a larger order for a set in ethylene oxide (EO)-sterilized packaging. Please call our Hotline before ordering a set in sterile packaging. A set in standard packaging is in stock and will continue to ship within the same time frame.

In the Polish healthcare system, it is the low-temperature sterilization technique that is used the most frequently.