Will Taking Your Instagram Account Private Get You More Followers?

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One of the most significant (and oddest) Instagram trends to emerge

this summer Buy Instagram Followers Malaysia is that the largest Instagram popular accounts have begun now making their accounts private.

Instagram accounts, such as @moistbuddha, and @commentawards have thousands of fans. What is the reason they decide to keep their content hidden from the public (and prospective followers)?

In the next article, we will examine the reasons why increasing numbers of Instagram accounts are becoming private, if it really helps you gain more followers and whether it’s a good idea for your company:

Why Some Instagram Accounts are Going Private

If you or your closest friends on Instagram enjoy posting humorous memes (who does not? ) If you’ve experienced something similar to the following situation A friend sends you a “hilarious meme,” but when you check your inbox to look it up the only thing you see is a message saying “Photo Unavailable.”

Sounds like a good idea? It’s not just you.

Beginning in the early months of 2018 the Instagram memes have in large numbers,

begun to make their accounts offline and forcing those who do not follow them to ask permission prior to being able to view their photos.

The issue has become commonplace that hundreds have made use of Twitter

to voice their opposition by tweeting messages such as “It should be illegal for Instagram meme accounts to be private” and

“Basic Instagram manners: don’t send memes from private accounts.”

It’s not the first time we’ve observed Instagram accounts become private. Everlane is a direct-to-consumer fashion brand that is well-known on Instagram is well-known for utilizing different ways to announce new products, such as making its account offline or archiving all its Instagram posts.

In a world where your Instagram feed and aesthetic is everything, why not go in private? Here are some reasons that some accounts are taking this approach:

#1: Make Your Instagram Private to Get More Followers

This is the biggest one, and most definitely the most significant. According to a number of large meme accounts, the primary reason for them to be private was to help in attracting new followers.

The concept is that by keeping your account’s information private, if someone of your followers posts an email to a friend, the person is required to be able to join your account to view it.

However If your account is publicly accessible, that friend can simply see the post through their DMs and then leave without following the account.

There’s also a mystery. Making your account secret on Instagram is like placing a red velvet rope on your Instagram account. It is a way to draw attention of people.

If someone comes across your profile and discovers that you’re not public, yet your followers are millions, it’s a high possibility that they’ll click the follow button. It must be an explanation for why you have millions of followers, doesn’t it?

The strategy is working! According to The Atlantic’s interview with Reid Hailey, the founder of Doing Things (aka @drunkpeopledoingthings), before making one of his accounts private, it was “growing at an average of 10,000 new followers per week. 

When it was made private, the number increased into 100,000.”

This is 10x the increase in followers simply by using just one simple Instagram hack!

Other notable memers, such as Elliot Tebele, the founder of the company @fuckjerry, have confirmed Hailey’s claims. “I’ve tested it once or twice to see and it does work,” Tebele added when speaking to The Atlantic.

#2: Making a Private Account on Instagram to help with the Retention of Followers

Another (and related) reason behind why a huge account on Instagram will be private is that it will prevent their fans from clicking the unfollow button.

Unfollowing an account that is account that is public Instagram account is simple however, according to Taylor Lorenz of The Atlantic, “when a user goes to unfollow an account with a private one an ad-hoc pop-up asks whether they’re willing to do this and reminding them

they’ll need to make a new request if they want access once more. A lot of people prefer to keep following.”

#3: Protecting Your Content by Taking Your Instagram Private

Another reason why large accounts are made to private accounts on Instagram is the fact that it provides an extra layer of security to their content. This is crucial today, with meme accounts popping everywhere, from left to right and in the middle.

It is believed that by keeping your profile private you gain additional control over who is able to view and interact with your content.

It’s not easy to judge how effective this technique is to stop other accounts from taking the content you have uploaded,

however making your account private definitely gives you greater access to your accounts.

If you also have an private Instagram account, and you block someone from being in a position to access your account in any way (as as opposed to an open Instagram account

that is accessible via the internet as well as other websites).

#4: Go in Private to protect yourself from being reported

With Instagram becoming more strict in banning accounts that violate their rules of service, a few more popular accounts on the platform have gone private in order to avoid being investigated.

This is typically the case with accounts that publish (questionably) indecent content. In essence, the concept is that by logging in as private, meme accounts are less likely to be identified (and perhaps even removed) by those who consider their posts offensive or inappropriate.

Should You Take Your Own Instagram Account Private?

Should you consider making the Instagram accounts private? Here’s where things get tricky. Although all of the points above are true to some amount, but the main reason the private option works best for massive meme accounts is due to… it’s because, well they’re huge!

Accounts like @commentawards or @shitheadsteve are able to keep their accounts private since they already enjoy millions of fans. They don’t have to follow the standard Instagram growth strategies that many accounts employ. All they need to do is publish amazing content and they’ll continue expanding.

In the sense that they’re too big to fail.

However, it’s also in relation to the kind of content they share. Meme accounts post content that’s designed to be highly shareable. They grow by encouraging their followers to share their content with their friends.

Other growth strategies are after this. Nothing is as effective in increasing growth for meme accounts than having their posts shared on DM — and that’s not all of them! Explore Page!

In an interview by Sonny of @sonny5ideup “When you run a private account, you don’t get in the Explore Page anymore, but I’ve noticed it doesn’t matter.” While his public accounts have around 200 new followers every day, however, his private accounts may have as much as 10,000 followers the course of a single day.

Although it may sound unlikely, as it might sound it is, private accounts work on meme accounts. However, the same method isn’t the best option with regular Instagram users, companies and brands included.

 Like Sonny stated that when you make your account as private on Instagram your posts won’t will be displayed in the Explore Page. They also won’t be displayed under any hashtags you’ve chosen to use.

Also, by creating a private account You basically eliminate any other type of discovery of your audience through the platform.

This is a problem for the majority of accounts. If you’re not already huge it is much more likely to gain new followers via the hashtags you employ and the content you share on your Instagram Stories, the communities that you connect with and interact with, and of course, joining your Explore page.

Although going private may attract some more followers who are interested but that would be reduced by the new followers you’d lose due to not being able to carry the additional growth plans. That’s the chance cost.

The Winner? Keeping Your Instagram Account Public!

What’s the ultimate verdict? It’s true that, while going private might be beneficial for big accounts on memes, it’s likely to be detrimental for the majority of accounts.

Except for very specific situations (like those we mentioned buymalaysianfollowers in the preceding paragraph), It’s probably ideal to keep your account private and look for other ways to get new followers!