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Launched in 2023, the “Noor Jahan” collection, formal wedding dresses by Daud Abbas, is a
continuation of ingenuity and elegance. He has always prided himself in his designs, striking a
delicate balance between comfort and glamour. A one-stop Pakistani clothing website, is a catch for fashionistas. He makes it remarkable, from ready-to-wear
dresses in classy, inventively blunt cuts to intricately hand-embellished dresses.

This collection showcases semi-formal dresses in beautiful neutral and jewel tones elegantly
cut with an emphasis on form and is a great epilogue to the winter and its adieu. Moreover,
Classy and chic silhouettes, with a hint of emphasis on form, are quintessentially a house
aesthetic. If you’re looking for timeless chic to your wardrobe yet being cosy season staples,
then you’ve hit the right block. This collection is a definite cash cow for Daud Abbas; sleek, in

vogue, high-toned, and looking good is the gist of this wedding dress edit. Treat yourself to
these elevated essentials.
Crafted from pure organza, classic silhouettes with a modern spin, designed with carefully
placed lace and embroidery details, look amazing. The beautiful shirts have been Paired with
matching pants, and these elegant sets are available in various colours, from pink tea to night
blue. You can choose one with your favourite colour for a day or night event. Go for the rust or
Mehndi green relaxed style shirts. With a varied hemline, enhanced lace and pintex and
detailed Embroidery, the best feature about these dresses is the Embroidery on the sleeves.
Therefore, it can easily transform you into the diva that you are but with an aura of
sophisticated chic to it.

Add a touch of timelessness with Daud Abbas’s “Noor Jahan” collection of luxurious pret

Get your winter wedding fix with this fabulous collection of fancy Pakistani dresses, as it is here
to stay in stores and online in countries like the UK, Canada, the USA, and Dubai.
With an unparalleled rise to fame, he has established his name due to his signature aesthetic
sense. Furthermore, maintaining a delicate balance between elegance and comfortable
practicality, Daud has given his customers a one-stop shop for bridal couture and luxury pret.

Buy silk designer dresses online in the UK.
The new collection of radiating and alluring dresses in 2023 is the ideal description of chic
formal, and elegant dresses for your intimate gatherings. Birthdays, parties, or fun nights with
friends are all possibilities. This collection will have you organised and prepared for life. These
timeless, classic pieces will transform your wardrobe from ordinary to chic in no time. Looking
for something different but still fabulous? The raw silk short shirt is a good option, which

comes with a matching crepe slip and matching silk pants. Thus you can Pair it with bootcut
pants to complete the look.

His collection is currently the continuation of his festive wedding formals. It features versatile
silhouettes in jewel and dark-toned shades that are expertly crafted in opulent materials. The
dresses are adorned with classic embroideries, and signature embellishments and details are
now available in stores and online.

And the good thing is that this collection is moving quickly. He has added a few more pieces to
his second edition due to the success of the first collection, “Din Shagna Da”, 2022. It is exactly
what we require for our new normal.

Pakistani Bridal Couture in the UK

It’s always been challenging to look sassy and chic. Your best bet is an embroidered abstract
shirt. You can easily attend high tea and bonfire nights with a pair of culottes. We want to
recommend what we enjoy if you’re still celebrating the new year or attending these intimate
birthday parties. Your next go-to look is a gorgeous Grey with stunning Embroidery in rich
Silvers. A silk thread embroidery trellis and crystal touches elongate the neckline. You’ll
become the centre of attention at the party with matching boot-cut pants.


In addition, for all wedding after-parties, we have the perfect outfit for all of you ladies who
want to steal the show. The stunning formal dresses for ladies in Pakistan are exceptional
pieces that exude style, design, colour, and ingenuity. The drapes are incredible, caressing the
chest but ending up in the belly, pleated like a saree but very jodhpur style!
So finally, we have persuaded you sufficiently; if you want to see the other dresses, scroll down
and take a look for yourself!