Cabs from Pune to Bhimashankar

The tranquil town of Bhimashankar is a feast for the mind, body, and spirit, with rolling hills, babbling rivers, and holy sites. And the best way to visit this pilgrim place is to take a road trip from Pune to Bhimashankar. Bhimashankar is home to one of Shiva’s 12 Jyotirlingas, which draws hundreds of pilgrims every day. Using cabs from Pune to Bhimashankar, you may go beyond the typical road trip and enjoy a comfortable ride while making your trip enjoyable.

Destinations for Sightseeing from Pune to Bhimashankar

When lookes for road trips that may be taken from Pune for amusement, Bhimashankar is frequently one of the first names on the list. Driving from Pune to Bhimashankar Temple takes just under four hours, giving you plenty of time and energy to appreciate the temple. Some of the highlights of this little excursion are list below:

  • Lonavala

Lonavala is the most important city between Pune and Bhimashankar. It’s around an hour’s drive from Pune and two hours from Bhimashankar. You can visit Karla and Bhaja Caves, carved-in-stone Buddhist shrines near Lonavala. Huge pillars and exquisite relief sculptures distinguish them. South of the Bhaja Caves is where you’ll find the imposing Lohagad Fort, which has four gates.

  • Malshej Falls

Malshej Falls is one of the sights around Bhimashankar Temple that should not be miss. The beautiful waterfall pouring through the woodland is a breathtaking sight. The Malshej Falls become a magnificent destination with waterfalls pouring over the cliffs during the monsoon season. The Malshej Falls’ spectacular scenery, combined with the burst of water and the allure of the rains, creates an unforgettable sight that will live in your memory forever.

  • The Ambivali Caves

The Ambivali cave is about 16 miles northeast of town, near the famous hill fort of Karjat. It is a Buddhist-era rock-cut cave (250 BC – 100 AD) construct from a long series of low hills that run in a curved pattern on the plateau. It has a view of one of the Ulhas River’s tributaries. The cave is approach via a sloping rock that becomes treacherous during the rainy season.

  • Jyotirlinga (Holy Jyotirlinga)

The Bhimashankar temple was built in the 18th century. One of India’s 12 jyotirlingas is exhibites at this temple. Aside from worshippers, the temple is a photographer’s, trekker’s, and birdwatcher’s heaven. Bhimashankar Temple, a magnificent black granite building with Nagara architectural design, is located on the banks of the River Bhima. The jyotirlinga in this location, surround by a named wildlife sanctuary, is thought to have been construct by Bheema, Kumbhakarna’s son. This shrine receives a large number of visitors throughout the year, notably during Maha Shivratri.

  • Trekking the Sahyadri Range

Bhimashankar is also a trekking location along with a well-known pilgrimage since it is located in the Sahyadri Range. Sahyadri Trekking is distinguish by its furrowed terrain and stony mountains. The trek also includes vast lakes, broad forests, and historic hill fortresses as major attractions. Both amateur and professional climbers like the journey route.

  • Bhimashankar National Park

The sanctuary is a wildlife enthusiast’s dream. The refuge is home to a Jumbo size Indian Squirrel as well as several other animal and bird species. The sanctuary covers an area of 120 square kilometres and receives considerable rainfall during the monsoon season. Aside from its rich fauna, the sanctuar is also known for its rich flora. The wildlife sanctuary is located between 2100 and 3800 feet in elevation.

Wrapping Up!

Bhimashankar is a great spot for a family holiday because it has a wildlife sanctuary on one side and the Lord Shiva temple on the other. This excursion is quite popular among families seeking a weekend trip around Pune because it has a perfect combination and is surround by natural beauty. The Pune Car Rental is easily accessible, making the planning procedure much smoother. Plan this road trip right away!