Can I Move My Hot Tub to a New Home?

Moving is an experience that brings mixed emotions, from anxiety to excitement. You will have questions about things that are difficult to move, like your hot tub. You’ve spent wonderful moments relaxing in it, and leaving it behind is not something you want to do. If you feel this way, don’t worry. You can move your hot tub to your new house. You can do this yourself or with the assistance of local movers. Here’s how you can move your hot tub to a new home:

Prepare for Your Hot Tub Transportation

The first step when moving with your hot tub is disconnecting the power and emptying the water. Draining and cleaning the hot tub is a maintenance chore that should be completed every week.   It shouldn’t be a difficult task to undertake. When disconnecting the hot tub, remove the power cord or cover it so that no one steps on it during the relocation process.

Drain the water from the hot tub using the drainage valve or a submersible pump to pump the water out quickly. Guide the drainage hose away from the area. It’ll prevent soaking the deck or lawn and creating a hazard.

Determine the Best Route

Before hiring movers, take measurements of your spa’s width and height. Also, measure the width and length of the gate, door openings, and the path you intend to use when transporting it. Determine whether or not your hot tub will have space to be carried out of your current property and placed at your new one.

You should also consider using a hand truck, a huge piece of cardboard, a thick blanket, or plywood to help it travel over the ground. When utilizing a hand truck, remember to account for the tub’s height. This is necessary for determining the clearance of house eaves or other low-hanging structures.

Load the Hot Tub

When loading the hot tub onto a moving truck, one person should move the hand truck up the furniture loading ramp while another pushes the hot tub from below. A third person should stand on the ramp’s side to help balance the hot tub. If you are able to bring a fourth person, they should stand on the opposite side of the ramp to give the hot tub extra side support.

To safeguard the hot tub during transit, let it sit at the back of the moving truck and cover it with blankets. Prevent the hot tub from moving around by using straps to tie it down.

Unload and Set Up

Once in your new home, use the same team that loaded the bathtub to unload it. Before offloading it, there shouldn’t be anything obstructing the path toward its new location. When the hot tub arrives at the new location, carefully remove it from the hand truck. Then use all of your helping hands to lift it into position.

Involve Local Movers

The hot tub moving process can be complex and tiresome, considering its size and weight. Involving a professional moving company will help you to safely transfer your hot tub from point A to point B. Involving professionals can help make the hot tub transfer simple and quick.

Some moving companies have specialized equipment, such as cranes, to move the hot tub more efficiently. A crane can help move the hot tub to difficult-to-reach places if your new location has insufficient access.

Your local movers will not only transport your hot tub to its new location, but can also help you install it. While relocating your hot tub yourself may appear to save money, it can be costly and time-consuming in the long run. If you choose to move it yourself, there is the potential that the hot tub may get damaged or reinstalled incorrectly.

Choose To Use Hot Tub Moving Services

Moving to a new home shouldn’t be a difficult, time-consuming experience. You should be able to bring everything that you want — including your hot tub. You will want to ensure that your hot tub arrives in one piece which will require you to pick the best method of transportation. Getting professiona l local movers is the easiest way to carry your hot tub to your new home. Choosing to hire help can make the transition process easier and more enjoyable.