Carpet Cleaning Methods You’d Wish You Knew Before 

Carpets and rugs look amazing whether you put them in the living room, bedroom, or some other part of your house. The only problem with carpets is that soil can get stuck in their fibers. This makes cleaning carpets mandatory to keep them new and fresh over time.   

With a dirty carpet, you have two choices: clean it on your own or hire a carpet cleaning service. Services like carpet cleaning in Abu Dhabi can help you increase the life of your carpet. But there are also different methods of carpet cleaning you can try on your own. Different ways to clean a carpet in this blog can help you get the best results.   

Vacuum Cleaning   

One of the easiest ways to clean a carpet is by vacuum cleaning it. Carpets and rugs endure and absorb the dust that comes with shoes and pets. Therefore, it is best to remove this dust often to keep the carpets fresh, new, and clean.   

It is best to vacuum your carpets every few days based on the traffic and the extent of dust. If you have kids and pets, it is better to vacuum clean your carpets twice or at least once a week. Doing so will keep the carpets and rugs free from dust.   

Whether you are cleaning a wall-to-wall carpet or a rug, it is best to work on one section at a time. This way, you won’t leave any dust behind. Another tip is not to rush the vacuuming process. Give it a few reps before starting to work on another section. Lastly, using a doormat can save your carpets from much of the dust coming from outside.   

Cleaning with Vinegar Solution  

Often carpets get stains from dropped food items, muddy shoes, or dust stains from a long time. If you are not in for the idea of washing the whole rug or hiring someone to do it, there’s another way too. Vacuum the loose dust from the carpet the same way as mentioned earlier. Take a spray bottle and create a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water. Spray your carpets/rugs with the mixture to make them damp but not soggy wet. Again, work in small sections to maintain consistency during the whole process.   

Wait for five minutes, then take a clean cloth and a bucket of water. Start rinsing the rug or carpet with the cloth. Once it gets dirty, clean it with water from the bucket. Repeat the process as many times as you have to. Only after you are satisfied, allow the carpet to dry. Turn on the ceiling fan or use a table fan if you don’t have a ceiling fan to dry the carpet. Do not let anyone step on it until it is dry as it can waste all your efforts.   

Before you start spraying your rug/carpet with the solution, it is better to test an area. Do not continue if the dye from the carpet starts coming off.   

Cleaning with Baking Soda and Salt   

Another easy method of removing stains from a carpet without the hassle of soap or carpet shampoos is by using salt and baking soda. This method does wonders in removing odors and oily stains from the carpet. The first thing you need to do is to thoroughly vacuum the carpet (this drill is necessary for dust removal). On the side, prepare a half-and-half mixture of salt and baking soda. Sprinkle the mixture generously over the carpet.   

Use a spray bottle and spray the whole surface with water. Remember to make the surface not dripping wet. Start rubbing the surface with a hard bristled brush to remove the dust and stains. Make sure to scrub every patch thoroughly before starting a new one. After scrubbing, use a cloth and a bucket of water to clean the carpet. It could be hard to take out all the baking soda with a cloth. Don’t worry about it as you can remove it with a vacuum after drying.   

Dry the rug using a fan. Run it through with a vacuum once again. All this may sound like a lot of hassle but this method is very effective in taking out the stains and making your carpet smell fresher.   

Washing with Detergent   

If your carpets have not been cleaned for months, washing them could be the best way to clean them. Before you start, it is important to know that it can be very time-consuming. Spread the liquid or powder detergent on the carpet’s surface. Use running water and a garden hose to dampen the surface. Scrub with a brush to get the most dirt out of the carpet. Remove all the soap with running water. It can easily take an hour to your whole noon.   

These are the four ways of carpet cleaning you can utilize based on how dirty your carpets are.