Celebrate This Navratri with Eco Friendly Gifts at Amala Earth

Navratri is a festival to celebrate the feminine energy with nine nights of sanctity, prayers, fasting food and celebration. The theme of celebrating eco-friendly navratri is not new. As mother nature is also feminine energy so both Navratri and Eco friendly are intertwined.

The deity worshiped is Goddess Durga, who is believed to be descending on earth in this auspicious period of time and be among her beloved devotees. It is a time for worship and meditation on goddess Durga for victory over fear, evil and ego. Celebrate this navratri with best eco friendly gifts online at Amala Earth.

singhara atta
Singhara Atta

Navratri is an Indian festival with many regional customs. But there are some practices that are followed in all regions. These practices include Fasting food from grains and eating food made of potatoes or rice instead during Navratri. It also include avoiding food items like garlic, onions etc. Some people also follow a vegetarian diet by excluding eggs and meat during this time home as well.

In addition to lentils, people also consume Kuttu atta which is made from rice flour. This type of flour has been popular in household cooking since ages. Which can be used to make different types of rotis such as apli roti and chapati. White sabudana & Farali Atta also form an integral part of the Navratri menu.

Singhara Atta is an excellent source of good carbohydrate and energy boosting nutrients like iron, calcium, zinc and phosphorus. During Navratri fasting, it is natural for your energy levels to take a dip. Since the nature of your food intake is different from your regular days. Food prepared with vrat ingredients will make sure there is no major decline in your energy levels.

Kanjak gifts is the expression of love and gratitude for a young girl. Which is honored during Navratris 8th and 9th days, more commonly known as kanjak, or kanya pooja. Kanya pooja is mostly performed on the eight and ninth day of Navratri, in which little girls are worshiped in the nine forms of the goddess Durga. In one of the Chaitra Navratri rituals, the day of Kanjak , the food and kanya pujan gifts are offered to the young girls. It is a custom to wash and wipe the feet of those nine girls, as a sign of devotion to the goddess Durga.

Last but not the least, incense sticks are the major part of doing navratri pujan. You can go eco friendly with natural incense sticks by Amala Earth. As, The fragrant sticks, which are widely employed for religious and meditative practices, are also harmful. It has been discovered to be a danger to our health that can seriously harm our lungs. Therefore, always use hand-rolled incense sticks because they are environmentally beneficial and do not harm the environment.

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