Challenges That People With Disabilities Face And How Does the NDIS Help With Them?

Disabilities create many challenges for people, and it takes a lot of time to overcome those challenges and create a dependable life for yourself.

Over the years, many support programs in the world have worked to eliminate the barriers for people with physical and intellectual challenges so they can have independent lives. Similarly, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a support program that aims to make independent living accessible for its participants. Here are some of the challenges that people with disabilities face and how NDIS helps with them:

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Daily Activities

People with disabilities find it difficult to perform daily activities themselves. Oftentimes, it is their family or friends who come to help them out with their household chores. It might make routine convenient for them, but it gets in the way of their independence. They become dependent on others for tasks like cleaning, cooking, eating, etc., which also lowers their self-esteem. Having a loving family and friends is a good feeling until it makes you feel completely dependent, and disability makes you feel that way.

NDIS provides funding for participants to hire support workers for these tasks. They can access assistance with daily living support where the support worker helps the participants in performing their routine activities while developing their independence. The goal of this support is to reduce the amount of support participants need and make them independent. So the participants can have the support worker assist them until they feel confident enough to perform their personal tasks themselves.

Social Activities

Disabilities often make it hard for people to socialise with others. It is a natural human behaviour that people who are different from others feel left out and avoid social gatherings. NDIS participants also face the same situation as disability gets the best of them, and they feel comfortable staying at home all day. This is not good for their mental health because it might not make them anxious, but it causes long-term damage to their personality. They become socially deprived and get awkward with people.

NDIS allows participants support so they can participate in community activities without any such problems. It provides them with the funding to take part in social events, and they can also bring their support worker along so they can feel someone familiar in the crowd. NDIS also provides many home and living options to help participants meet new people. They can choose short-term accommodation to live in a community of their liking for a short period of time, or they can also choose to live in a shared accommodation that allows them to make new friends.

Professional Life

Some NDIS participants face problems in their professional lives. It is not as easy for people with disabilities to find jobs as it is for everyone else. They come with their fair share of challenges, and all organisations are not very welcoming of them. They need to have a safe environment, and sometimes it becomes impossible for them to land a good job opportunity.

NDIS also provides support for this challenge in its budget. It allows you to find and keep a job by providing the necessary funds and support. You can use your funds for transport to commute to work, and you can also have a support worker assist you at work for your personal tasks like toileting etc.

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