Choosing a New quilt for New Backpacking Hobbyists

Backpacking has emerged as a very popular activity in North America. From the Pacific Northwest to the Grand Canyon areas in Arizona to the wide wide territories in Canada, hiking, backpacking and trekking have become hugely popular. If you are also thinking of taking up these kind of activities, you will need to gather a good kit that you can rely on even in the most unfamiliar and in rather inhospitable situations. One important thing you need to include in your kit is a  backpacking quilt. It will help you stay warm when you are stopping for a quick rest nap or when you have to stay outdoors over the night. The best approach is to choose an ultralight backpacking quilt. Depending upon your specific climate conditions and environment of the area in general, you need to choose from different kinds of quilts available on the shelves. 

Backpacking Quilt

The most versatile choice is a 15 degrees quilt which will keep you warm in a variety of environments. Generally these come as three season quits and work as winter bag in milder climates as well as work well for cold sleepers.  Make sure that you use a product which only has responsibly sourced down material because many companies tend to put profit over their social responsibility which is hurting the biosphere in many sensitive areas. Another option you should look for is water resistant down, this is generally your regular down which has undergone hydrophobic coating. Such a backpacking quilt will keep you warm enough even in rather damp conditions where regular down tends to loose its effectiveness and warmth goes well, down. 

 Ultralight backpacking quilt 

Even if you are not operating in extremely cold environments, you will be carrying a lot of weight with you when backpacking, Clothes, cooking equipment, shelter equipment, you need to weigh every ounce and be ruthless in weight reduction. Ever notice how airlines overcharge like there is no tomorrow if your luggage is even overweight by a few ounces! This is the same thing, only in a much much harder scenario because you are not paying in bucks by carrying too much weight, you are actually paying with energy! Ultralight backpacking quilts are specially developed and are available in different sizes from 5’6” to 6 feet to 6’6” height and in both standard and wide dimensions! You can get it in duck down or goose down!

Remember that there may be cheaper options available in the market but with an ultralight quilt you are getting the best possible hiking equipment which is well worth the money.